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If You’re From Where I’m From…

…and you’re in the least bit cool, you’ll know Haight Street in SF.  Moreover, you’ve been there, and you know the fashion is funky, sexy, cutting edge and fun.  There might be a little too many bums who’ve thought of creative approaches to asking for your money, but none can deny the good looking people and the awesome fashion.  It’s the Harajuku to California.

When ever I go to Haight, it’s usually while I’m on my way home from San Luis Obispo and I feel like a frump, wearing my Billabong tee and some flip flops.  I think I need some brown leather boots, some high-class straight legs and a peacock feather necklace to even hold a candle…  I look like a cute little Gap commercial, I don’t know how to dress fashionably.


That said, one of my best friends (a beautiful and talented fashion merchandising student at the art institute) has a fantastic blog with a fellow fashion student that documents and discusses stores, trends, sales, and quirky fashion classics that are to be found on Northern California’s beloved Haight Street.  They throw in some interviews, some lil’ fashiony tips and such and such… I’m no haighter, I love this blog.

If you’re into fashion, devote yourself.  I know I need some fashion input/advice/knowledge, I’ll be checkin up on these girls…



2 thoughts on “If You’re From Where I’m From…

  1. loverhaighter says:

    I am so completely and thoroughly flattered that you wrote a blog post about us. Girl, thank you so much for formating it for me and getting us started. You’re the best and I will see you in 10 days! I love you so much!

    • Of course ray. And it’s not just ’cause it’s your blog (although, it really helps) but your blog is awesome! love you I can’t WAAAIT FOR NEW YEARS!

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