Holidays 2008

I took 2 long, hot showers today.

I spent the evening solo. It was purple indulgence and orange discomfort all rolled up into one large ball of yarn.  I felt relaxed and serene while painting pottery, nervous walking into Moondoggies and walking to Pete’s thereafter… but Pete’s relaxes me, I felt warm and pretty… and then insecure when I ran into a familiar group, then happy when I walked away from Pete’s toward Urban.  At that moment I really enjoyed the click of my heels, the open latte in my hand and the way my hair looked next to the collar of my jacket.  I felt distinct and comfortable. 

Solo flights they keep us healthy.  They allow us to understand ourselves better and encourage us to reflect.

I’m so tired, I’m falling asleep at the wheel here…  tomorrow I’m excited for rock climbing.


3 thoughts on “I took 2 long, hot showers today.

  1. laura says:

    It snowed here in Sonoma last night. Driving to school this morning the mountains in Sugarloaf were dusted in snow . It was so beautiful. Don’t know if the picture I sent came out.
    Love, Mom

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