Holidays 2008

Incapacitated With “I” Words

I am so intensely, incorrigibly, irrevocably, inspired by people that I meet, my interest in them can occasionally leaves me feeling unsatisfied, enamoured, passionate, and with a strong desire to know them.  Even if I’ve met them once! In fact, that’s usually the case.

Yesterday I saw the movie “Imaginary Heroes” and one of the main themes dealt with how and why we choose our heroes…  how they’re usually either just like us, or they’re complete assholes.  I maintain that a hero can be a substantial fraction of who we are, or who we’d like to be… and in some cases, who we might outwardly project ourselves to be.

Anyway… I need to let go of my desire to know and be close to these boys that inspire me.  They’re going to be an asshole or they’re going to be similar to me… either way, if our tangent lines don’t cross it was never meant to be.  


Since I spend my days among people again and observe what they do and how they liveI find it much easier to live with myself. Since we mortals happen to be so constituted that we compare everything with ourselves and ourselves with everything around usour happiness and our misery have to lie in the things with which we compare ourselves. Nothing is therefore more dangerous than solitude.

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe “The Sorrows of Young Werther


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