Holidays 2008

I’m Sorry, Are We Falling Apart?

Dear Mister Howe,

In the event of the unmitigated malfunction of our economic system and, correspondingly, the horrific display of the disarray of our internal affairs and infrastructure, I cannot complete my research paper.  Thank you for understanding.  May God help us.



AND NOW, my favorite part of today:


[My Schedule For Spring 2009:

9-10:20     Endurance Conditioning
10:30-11:50     Cultural Anthropology 
12:00-1:20     Pilates
1:30-2:50     Political Science

9:00-10:20     English Literature
10:30-11:20     Weight Training
1:30-2:50     History of Afro-American    ]


Still tentative, I need to crash that English class… and If I can’t get in than I don’t know if I’ll join the weight training. But hopefully I can!  With all that exercise I could compete in a triathlon.  Who will join me?


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