Holidays 2008

I Want The Irrevocable Kind

Okay.  Eva?  Molly?  I’m sorry for making fun of you for loving the Twilight series.

I just saw the movie, and –basically…  I loved it.

Twilight was corny enough to suspend my disbelief but still put a giant, dorky grin on my face, and it was as sexy as slow love in the winter time.  I’m very surprised.

A boy I was with bit me so hard on the neck, I had a painful bruise for at least 2 weeks.  That’s the closest I’ve come to vampires.  But that bruise wasn’t sexy, and this movie was.


So I just got on the 5:20 bus to the San Francisco ferry building.  As I was walking up to the bus it changed gears and almost drove away.  It made my fight or flight instincts kick up. I got this wave of adrenaline because a bus almost pulled away from me. How jumpy is that?

Anyway, I made it. and now I’m headed home to San Francisco Bay.  I keep jogging my mind trying to think if I forgot anything…  paid my bills, cashed my check, packed my family’s presents, went to Shins sushi to remind them to hire me… I think I’m all set.

Speaking of jogging, I need to start jogging for serious.  I’m running an 8 mile race with a boy that came to our holiday party.  I got drunk and pinky promised to run it with him, and now I’m being held to it!  I can do it though, I’m in pretty good shape right now…but you know what?  I like my little curves. So I just need to up my cardio and my mileage.



The next boy I date needs to be quiet, but have intense conviction. I think for me to fall in love again, i need to have passionate, social intimacy before romantic intimacy (if that makes any sense) I need some sexual tension so thick you could cut it with a knife.  I need a sturdy figure witha solid sense of self and in order to attract this man, basically, I need to take a child’s dose of a chill pill.  I’m always buzzin’ like neon.


This love is no where to be found as of now, but 2009 will be a year for change–hopefully the winds of change will breeze past me.


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