Holidays 2008

Green Walls Protect From Fire


On my occasional homecoming, as I walk through the door to my room at my dad’s house, I notice 3 things right off the bat.  

The first thing I see is my loud, bright green wall.  I decided to renovate my room in high school and I painted 3 walls white and 1 wall this color. I wouldn’t choose the color in the future, but thats why I still love it.

The second thing I notice is my retro turn table and my messy stack of vinyls.  I love sorting through all the old albums and rediscovering the goodies.

The third thing I see is my bookshelf. The bottom row is just, so… incredibly beautiful.  The different colors and textures on the bindings, the way they fill up the shelf in such an accomplished way… these are my journals from when I was a little girl and they are the most important things in the world to me.

Every time I’m home I casually ask what my dad would do in the event of a fire.  He sighs and says, “I’ll grab all of your journals, Erika.”

These journals mean everything to me, yet I haven’t written in my journals very consistantly over the past year because of my blog.  This got me thinking and I suddenly began to question which medium of journaling was more safe and secure.  

While there is no way for me to backup my old journals, I can’t help but think that the chances of a fire are worth having a tangible, hard copy of the documentation of my life.  But then, in one instant these invaluable collections of my insights could be gone, whereas on the internet they’ll always be there.  Or will they??

I have no concrete evidence to claim that my blog is safe on the internet forever…

I must come up with an answer.


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