Holidays 2008

When Harry Met Sally


I’d never seen When Harry Met Sally, and this morning, after a wild night of jagermeister and M&M’s, I woke up at 6:00am (far too early for my late bedtime) and had an (recently & often occurring) urge to lay in my bed and watch a romance movie (or read a novel.)  So  I did both.  And I watched When Harry Met Sally.  And now I know what all the fuss is about.


I have an interview with the children’s museum today, and I can tell it will be the start of wonderful friendship.


2 thoughts on “When Harry Met Sally

  1. I’m not normally the kind who watching romantic comedies, but even a little part of me can appreciate how good this movie is. Aside from the infamous orgasm scene, the film has a lot to offer (i.e. Billy Crystal). Also, it’s one of the rare realistic rom-coms, where they don’t always end up with the perfect relationship.

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