Holidays 2008

Small Glass Bowl With A Stem Attached.

I couldn’t be more content, this very evening, at this very moment…

It felt like a spring day today, not a cloud in the sky, a soft breeze tossed the dry, winter leaves around… and all of this was preparation for my tranquility.  I consider 2 ideas when wrapping up my day:  sometimes it needs to be the kind of closure where you forget about all the happenings (or mishaps) of the day.  You let them go, relieve your mind of these undesirable thoughts and think of your evening as a calm, new day.  The other option is to ponder a day that you might consider insignificant or mild and realize that you actually had a great day.  All of those small, inconsequential happening were carefully and gently preparing you for an unexpectedly appeasing evening.  (Unless of course you happen to have a day when the shit of your life hits the fan and your evening goes to hell in a hand basket.) But you know, I’ll just be happy any night on account of red wine, a dinner involving tomatoes and some jazz piano.  Yes, lets all just drink wine.

This morning I went to the sheriff’s department to get a background scan for this volunteering job I’m applying for.  I was tired and annoyed at this really ugly guy who kept asking me questions and to use my phone.  Turned out he was trying to figure out a ride/bus into SLO.  Since I didnt have the patience to wait for my phone I told him I’d just give him a ride into town… and then when we were in the car I found out he’d just gotten out of jail that morning.  COOL!  Anyway, he was about my age and he was as dumb as a door knob so I didn’t feel threatened.

Tonight is TV show night for Eva and I.  I love my loft and my breakfast table, my wine and my piano music, my pillows, my panties and my prada perfume…. life is pretty good.

And yours will be even better after you watch the first episode of the new Flight of the Conchords season.  I’m not going to share my thoughts on it quite yet.


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