Holidays 2008

Modesty is Irresistible

First off, I really regret the title of my last post.  It’s so STUPID…  I’m at a loss of things/ideas to write about, and I’m beginning to convince myself that during writers block I need to just NOT write, rather than encourage myself to write. My words just sound absurd.

When I’m distracted with thoughts in my head, I often consider them very private and I can’t make myself express them on my blog.  It’s impossible, I’m not capable of it and I’m sure I don’t ever want to be capable of it.

Increasingly, I enjoy privacy.  I desire the ability to be more succinct–but I’m not sure I’m capable of that EITHER!

I recieved a letter in the mail a few days ago that put a huge smile on my face.  This was all it said:


Happy New Year,

Lots of love, xoxo



Oh dear, I’m reading into the concise note far too much.  The point is, it didn’t need to say much to put a grin on my face.

Is this modesty is something I could learn?  Should I learn modesty with words?  Or should I accept my verbose nature.  The power of mystique has irresistible strength.


2 thoughts on “Modesty is Irresistible

  1. I haven’t read anything of yours in such a long time. I moved…and I don’t have internet anymore.

    But even with writer’s block, I still love everything you write.

    Hope you’re doing well!

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