Holidays 2008

My Amazing Grandma Connie

On her website she wrote this beautiful piece that I only just discovered:

“Now that I have reached the younger aspect of my old age, I realize that all my life I have known that matter is imbued with spirit. It makes no difference what we call this energy: God, The Implicate Order, or Friend. A holy, invisible web underlies our material existence. 

“For me, the process of creation is the concentration of my attention on wood, stone, or clay. When I first began, I trembled with respect and honor for the material. Now, I wait until a conversation between my mind and the material begins. It is a dialogue.

“The work is a compromise between the original image and the resistance of the wood to take shape. How do I know when to begin? When a force is kindled in my heart. When do I stop work? When there is a quiet sense of completion.”

Connie Butler


I admire this woman to no end.  Words cannot properly express our relationship;  it is of the deepest understanding that one can imagine.  Understanding, and love unlike anything I’ve ever felt.  I have much to learn from her… I feel like an apprentice of her wisdom.  I love her so much, and I’m proud that she knows it.  


2 thoughts on “My Amazing Grandma Connie

  1. Dear dear Erika
    Your words of love and respect touch my heart to the core. You have the gift of building bridges between generations, of such promise of understanding and wisdom I am certain a circle has been forged that can never be broken. Thank you for being your delightful loving self. Much love, Grandma

  2. laura says:

    Read Mom your blog. The love you express ripples out beyond our lifetime and heals generations before and after your lifetime. Nothing as fun as beach camping! We are going again this summer!

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