Human Dictionaries and Loneliness to Joy

Nothing like a cloudy Friday and the impending Valentines Day to make a single girl feel the pangs of loneliness.  (I HATE to admit this, more than anything.)  


Admitting it isn’t making me feel any better.  

And what’s worse?  I’m nursing my single-life fatigue with classical piano and romance movies, which aren’t making me feel any better either.

All of my close friends in SLO have boyfriends, except for MK who’s on a date right now (and I’m super stoked for her, make NO mistake.)  The guy she’s on a date with jokes that I don’t like boys (not to say that he thinks I like girls… at least i


1 Hour later:

In that last sentence I was interrupted by a phone call from my beloved friend Lauren, who cheers me up to no measurable end.  And then, in the midst of our deeply satisfying conversation, Eva called and beckoned me to come out to dinner with her.  And then! As I was getting up to get ready, my spirits already 1000 times higher than they were when I first began this post, I found a love note that Eva cleverly stashed for me to find.  She sneakily put it on my banister about 2 hours ago as she pretended to return a silly item to me.  And now I am filled with joy and love; back to my normal self.  Oh, I love my friends.  I love all of them more than a human dictionary could begin to convey…


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