Mangia Poco Ma Bene

Since I’ve been feeling down lately, I’ve devised a small plan to help myself get back on track–to get back to my wide grins and hearty laughs.  When I say “small” I mean it because the plan is to focus on the little things.  I made a list of the little things that I do, but fell out of habit of doing, that make me feel like my happy self.  Among the list, the nightly routine comes greatly into play:

  • Face wash, every night.  Night cream & Nivea for the supple skin.
  • Floss, without fail.  It makes my smile prettier…I really notice a difference.
  • Read, Write, Watch (my book, my journal, Where The Light Is)
  • Take my high-potency antioxidant supplements (for anti-aging)

I make sure to touch-up the brows and wear my retainers, too.  These things make me feel better in the morning.  The morning routine is important at making me feel better, too:

  • Up by 9, without fail.  Lay awake in bed for at least 10.
  • Earn my breakfast, somehow (run, walk or bike)
  • BREAKFAST!!  By farrrrr my favorite meal of the day.  Go big or go home.  I often crave unconventional breakfast food like miso soup or bruchetta… (breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper… mangia poco ma bene, eat little but well)
  • Gotta have my spritz of Prada (often my only and always my most favorite accessory), my liquid eyeliner on the top lash, some mascara, some bronzer and I’m happy.

These little items in my routine make me happy.  When I feel unhappy, I notice that they’re gone or lacking.  I don’t know what comes first, the chicken or the egg but its probably a combination of both.  So I’ve made a point to reintegrate my silly, girly trifles and I’m feeling better already.

These things don’t fit into a routine but were on my list as well:

  • Salsa in my fridge, at all times.
  • Same for Diet Hansens Root Beer.
  • Gotta have my favorite pen for school.  Pilot 0.5 ballpoint ink pens.  I feel anxious if I can’t take notes using them.
  • Keep my clothes folded and my bed made.

Did you even care to know all of this about me?

Anyway, by making sure I have down all of these small things, I begin to feel more of a sense of control over my life and then feeling happy becomes easier.  That was my point.  so, my face is washed, I’ve done the routine and now I’m going to rent a movie on iTunes to watch before bed.




12 thoughts on “Mangia Poco Ma Bene

  1. Eva says:

    i also wanted to say that your blog is such a resemblance of you and every single time i look at it i think to myself, “that erika anderson…oh how i love her” and every time i read your blog i can’t help but smile, even when it’s a blog about you being down, you are sooo bright (like sunshine)! love you.

  2. Thanks Eves 🙂 you’re the absolute best. I love to hear that my blog is a resemblance of me! If my closest friend thinks that, I must be conveying myself truthfully and effectively and that’s what I strive to do… I guess you could say I have a journalistic journaling approach. Ha!

    And Michael! Or, A Cooper! I’m watching your news show right now! You look great 🙂 haha… but, realistically, how are you??

  3. Michael aka acooper :-) says:

    I’m doing well. The new year has been well so far. I’m loving this amazing weather! 🙂 It’s so much like summer!!!
    Someday we need to meet for Coffee!!!!!

  4. I just walked home from work and was thinking how amazing this weather is!… I’m in heaven in SLO.

    My blog is like a window into my life and my mind… Because of this you basically already know me, in an off-beat sort of way… 🙂 but it makes it easy for you to feel comfortable meeting for coffee. Before we go to coffee I’d like to know more about YOU, so you should email me and we can chat and i can ask you random questions like, do you prefer sweet or savory? Or my favorite, crushed ice or cubed? Because I like to know character nuisances… anyway,

    Hope to hear from you soon : )

  5. Michael aka acooper :-) says:

    I will def. email you soon 🙂

    for starters though, I love crushed ice,coldstone,red wine,traveling and of course sleeping in!


  6. John Mayer says:

    I have a feeling the title ‘John Mayer’ tops Anderson Cooper on your short list…ha! and I didn’t want to overwhelm you with the name “Mr. Darcy”… (you loved reading Jane Austen in Okinawa?)

    I’ve read your blog since you went to Japan and I have become so fond of you. I am not as confident as Anderson Cooper, nor am I local, but you should know that you brighten my days.

    Not to inspire competition but,

    May I email you as well?

  7. I’m very flattered. Very flattered, and slightly skeptical, respectfully of course (…if you are my sister playing a joke on me, I’m going to tell everyone how you took advantage of our bunk bed.)

    Calling yourself Mr. Darcy would have overwhelmed me, you’re right. and it’s also a tad cliche, 🙂

    But your words are very kind, thank you. I’m glad I brighten your day!

    Where are you from where men read Pride and Prejudice and have WonderWoman avitars?

  8. Gerard says:

    Ha ha ha, please trust I am not your sister and yes, cliche was the word I was looking for. I am from Berlin where men (including my) do not normally read Jane Austen or have wonderwoman icons (that i did do,just wanted it to match yours.)

    I love your warm and independent and honest personality. I was in japan 3 years ago and i also love the way you wrote about it through your travels. My name is Gerard, it has been nice to meet you.

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