Holidays 2008

Saints & Scott’s

Today my Art History teacher compared Saint Francis to Barack Obama.  I loved it, just wanted to share…

Last week in my Polisci class, while the teacher was  introducing himself to the room of 60, he walked up to me and curiously shook his finger.  He said, “A very famous student sat right in this chair, right where you’re sitting young lady.”  I felt a sense of pride, as if one day I will make an impression on a teacher in such a way that they recalled the very seat I sat in.  He said the student was one of his best students, very bright… but famous for bad things.  Turns out, it was Scott Peterson who’d sat in my seat.  I blushed when he said this, and immediately regretted the pride I felt moments before.  In a full lecture hall, no one sits in this seat anymore.

As for me, I’m exhausted.  Looooong day; school from 9-8 and 2 workout classes.  Pilates is the hardest physical challenge I’ve done in a long time.  Running for an hour straight is easier than pilates.  Thankfully, when it comes to exercise you always get from it what you put in to it.  Bed time, night night…xoxoxo.



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