1. My first love led me to my second, true love: A high school romance broke my heart and I found John Mayer. Now the high school romance pales pathetically in comparison to my love of John Mayer’s guitar.

2. I wear Prada perfume, and often make the mistake of spraying it too close to my décolté; the alcohol in the perfume irritates my skin and puts a red rash on my neck that closely resembles an old hicky.

3. My whole, entire life I’ve always felt much older than I am.

4. Correspondingly, I take preventative aging measures like using night serum and taking anti-oxidant supplements.

5. Don’t distract me… really, I can only focus on one thing at a time.

6. I am a sexual, sensual person but I don’t fall in love easily.

7. I’ve never really had long hair.

8. Traveling turns me on.

9. My little sisters’ religious preference frustrates, inspires and amazes me.

10. I think the Bible should be in the fiction section.

11. My twin sister is more like a soul mate, or a complementary soul–without her, I’m incomplete. On a very basic level, I am not whole with out her.

12. A woman named Maria Santana is my guardian angel. She saved me in Japan and I’ll never forget her as long as I live.

13. I’m known to eat peanut butter with chopsticks.

14. Life is meant to be shared and isn’t it ironic that you can’t fully understand youself by yourself? My amazing friends teach me more about myself every day than months of solitude would ever accomplish. They ARE my joie de vivre!

15. My dad and my grandmother are 2 of my very best friends and I’m more like my mother than I ever could easily admit. I mostly learned her best characteristics.

16. I’m secretly sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

17. My greatest joys are beautiful solitude, cooking for loved ones, making loved ones laugh, making love, running as hard as I can, writing as hard as I can, getting/giving inspiration, and choosing my perfect mood music at any given moment.

18. I frustrate myself because I often think of a boy named Hugo, whom I hardly know.

19. I’m not shy to admit that I think Diane Lane is the sexiest woman alive.

20. I’ve been known to sleep walk when I go to bed slightly drunk. I’m a very active sleeper; the night time is the right time.

21. Modesty is a refined quality.

22. I’m not going out on a limb to say that every decision I make is to someday be the best mother that I could ever be. I want to experience the world so that I can teach my children about it. I want to be a mother so strongly and deeply, I know that it’s the true purpose of my life. I already love my children ardently, passionately, with every fiber of my being.

23. I LOVE Obama. Obama, art history, the color bright orange/red and mini coopers.

24. I’m not afraid of dying.

25. My heart often feels so full of love, longing and amazement about the world that the feeling overwhelms me and I will suddenly fall quiet and distracted. If you spend enough time around me you know what I’m talking about…


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