Bottle Shock.

I just finished the movie Bottle Shock… and also a bottle of wine.  Allow me to explain myself!

I started the movie before I had a bottle of wine, but I loved the movie because it made me miss home and it made me absolutely CRAVE a glass of wine and a nice meal pairing.  Luckily for me, not only was it dinner time at this point, but my roommates boyfriend was going on a beer run.  So I asked him to snag me a bottle of merlot.

I drank a glass or two as i cooked myself dinner, then i finished the movie as I ate my dinner…and I also finished the rest of the bottle (while i finished dinner, finished the movie, and began a phone conversation with a good friend (a lethal combination for drinking a bottle of wine))  Anyway, I would have shared if there were anyone to share it with!  But it’s a rainy friday evening and I’m not the booty-call sort of girl (even with a bottle of wine in me) so I’ve enjoyed it alone.  Don’t judge me (dad, mom.)

The movie was fantastic.  It could be because it coaxed my enjoyment while it said “Paris 1978”  and I knew that it was, in fact, Kunde Winery…. but I think my love of wine alone would have helped me enjoy the scenery, regardless of my familiarity with it.  For once I feel a sense of pride because I’ve seen a movie that I envy and actually am part of the culture.  I  AM the wine country–Sonoma Valley (Napa Valley, but better)  heart and soul.  I am not ashamed to be a total product of my up bringing.  I love classic blues, classic jazz, classic rock, classic rustic cuisine, classy rustic architecture, classy fashion, classic views, and classic red wine.  All combined, whenever possibly possible.

I work all day tomorrow, so i’ve been drinking water, glass for glass…  I’m just going to take a hot shower and go to bed.  Sorry I haven’t been posting lately (at least nothing of broad interest)  and I can’t promise anything interesting in the near future, either.  I’ve settled for a bit–maybe I should change the name of my blog.

Anyway, I like to think I’m moving while I’m standing still…  Besides, it’s not how fast you’re going, but the direction in which you’re moving.



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