Hairika’s Hairiation

These photos are in chronological order in an attempt to point-out my incessant, but pathetically minuscule variations of hair color and hair cuts (even as a wittle babyy)

n1058400056_36628_8591n1058400056_13771_6591n6715284_30746597_1764n3625381_34113908_5423n1348170039_316_5095n1058400056_36315_7635n502000349_230125_5202n7307659_31417129_5247n1057710096_30008092_526dscn2270n1137204699_30067724_4285n7307659_31910609_744n503736924_446506_2133n502000349_2335780_4805n3625149_37113032_3001n503736924_658089_8501n1061130019_67499_9708n503736924_658025_1312n7307659_32077572_2257n6422928_36622261_6776n502000349_2261949_4180n658881823_1527974_3622As you can tell from the last picture, I’m extremely frustrated with the way my hair is right now 🙂

I’m getting it colored next week, I cant wait!!  Color, no cut because I’m growing it out for the first (serious) time ever.  All the other times I didn’t really mean it. I’m going lighter for more of a change, even though looking at these thumbnails I like my hair darker better… hmmmm….  well, I guess we’ll have to see.

bed time, exhausted, which is probably why I only have the energy to write an extremely narcissistic post.  please forgive me.


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