Road To Redemption

At first glance, T.I’s new show Road To Redemption seems like a glorified attempt at reducing his sentence after being arrested by federal agents last year on weapons charges.  He faces 30 years and has been on house arrest for the past year, aside from completing 1000 hours of community service.  So it’s fair to assume that he’s launched this show (called T.I.’s Road To Redemption: 45 Days, which refers to the 45 days till his incarceration) as a final act of… redemption.

I just watched the first episode of the show and I’m blown away.  I have to recommend it.  It’s a reality show like we’ve never seen and it has content that HBO would kill for.  This show is not, in any way, a soft attempt at inspiring some young hustlaaaa to put his life on the right track.  TI is tough, brutally honest, and inspiring.  I can’t think of a better person to re-route these guys on a better path, unless maybe Biggie Smalls rises from the grave.  This show is awesome and ya’ll need ta watch it!  Ha.


One thought on “Road To Redemption

  1. Jana says:

    Well, said! As a person who has worked all of my adult life with kids at-risk of gang activity, I am wary of any show that takes on this topic. I was happy to see that T.I. takes it on responsibly and truthfully.

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