Comparing Boy to Muffin

Today my friend Alex and I were making breakfast together, talking about the concept of “he/she’s just not that into you.”  I asked her if she wanted to split a chocolate raspberry muffin with me because they’re so dense I can’t eat one to myself.  She happily conceded.  

Continuing our conversation I announced that, in a particular situation, a particular boy ‘just isn’t that into me.’  She suggested that maybe he’s just too shy, or too unavailable and he can’t effectively make his interest well known.  It being the very thought that I’ve comforted myself with all along the while, I declined her generosity.

We then babbled about how, when remembering his eyes, I accidentally mistook depth for apathy.

She responded, “Well, he’s just about as dense as that chocolate muffin you’re eating!”  I laughed and agreed but added that it was, in fact, very delicious as well.



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