Sunday List of Indulgent Antioxidants

I worked at the Italian deli all day yesterday before going to the Cal Poly winter jazz concert with my friends Kellyn and Alex, and their respective sibling and friend.  The jazz was amazing!  I kept catching myself with my mouth hanging open at the sheer talent of these musicians.  They absolutely blew me away.  They were smiling most of the time, glancing around at one another, just enjoying each others company on stage…  I felt  like a privileged observant to the beauty that they created.  It was like the most eloquent team sport of all eternity.  

I love team sports, I love watching team sports.  I always pick a charismatic, good looking guy to cheer for and I become so proud of his accomplishments I just want to hug him afterward.  It keeps my imagination alive.  Last night I chose the drummer, ignoring thoughts that reminded me drummers are usually slightly unhinged. 

Today I woke up, cleaned up my loft in my black panties because I felt sexy, did my laundry (in my black panties as well) and then Eva and I picked up our best friend Rayna on the 1:00 train.  We ate lunch at the Del Monte Cafe which is right near the train station and is delicious and adorable.

When Eva and I got home, I went back to my place in a contemplative mood.  Lately I’ve been trying to set aside ‘thinking time’ so that I can ponder my little head off and then go on with my life rather than living partly in my imagination all day.  Classical novels condemn such characters… but I’m a dreamer and I’ll tell you what–I’m not the only one.

So to satiate my thoughtful mood, I poured myself a heaping glass of merlot (my true love), broke myself off a square of dark chocolate and read a book about Italy in my loft while listening to classical guitar.  Now I’m feel slightly affected, slightly horny, and very satisfied with the natural lighting in my loft as well as my use of time on a cloudy Sunday.


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