inspiration, Twenty!

Runny Feet, Nose

If you use the word BLOG as a sound effect, thats how I feel today… although still altogether better from Saturday.

But as I sit here all runny, in my running shorts&running shoes, with a runny nose, I CAN RUN…

and there are some guests on Oprah today who can’t run.  Even if they wanted to.

I’m lucky all I have is a runny nose, and I’m lucky that I have runny feet and that I can run my runny feet with the strength of my strong thighs and straight shoulders, even when I DO have a runny nose, because really,

all I have is a runny nose.

and that’s all I have to say today.


I’m Chewed Gum.

Today began beautifully, woke up at 7:30 (naturally) and went on a run.  Worked all day, got home at 7:30 and I feel horrible.  I mean, I really feel terrible.  My throat hurts badly… my whole body aches so badly, I feel like I am a chewed piece of gum stuck to a bicycle wheel (yes that sore.)  Took a bunch of vitamins yesterday and today, drank a ton of water all day in hopes of fighting a tingle in the back of my throat.  No avail,  I’m rendered.

It’s not even 9 on Saturday night and I just took a hot showe, 2 benadryl, and put my ear plugs in.  So I sedated myself, my blinds are closed and I’m not waking up until I wake up.

Thank you everyone for the amazing birthday and all of the birthday wishes and gifts.  I love you so much, I feel very grateful to have such supportive family/friends (but friends are family of choice, anyway…) you guys are the best. Xoxoxoxoxo

inspiration, Twenty!

Goodbye Teenager


I turn 20 years-young tomorrow and I’m stoked on it.  Why am I excited?  Because I love words; I love the sound of them, their dictionary definition, their street definition and their positive/negative connotations.  

The fact of the matter is, “I am 20”  sounds much, much better than, “I’m 19.”  

Nineteen??  Twenty.  Nineteen?  No, TWENTY.

“Claire, how old is your sister Erika?”  SHE’S NINETEEN  “oh, she’s cute”

“Claire, how old is your sister Erika?”  SHE’S TWENTY  “Damn.  She’s hot like Demi Moore.”

See what I mean?  Hahaha… but really…  on the real, 

You should wish me a happy birthday 🙂  

I go to school/workout all day tomorrow, but it’s cool b/c I bought new pink running shorts (what’s with me and pink lately?) and I’ll be feelin’ cute and happy in my brightness.


Good Things

Molly just left, I wanted her to stay but sometimes you don’t get enough of a good thing.

Last night the girls surprised me with a 2 hour soak in the hot springs!  It was so amazing, especially after the weekend.  The sky was clear and the air was cold, but that hot spring was hot hot HOT and it was just what we needed.  It felt like we were Grecian goddesses bathing in the moonlight (although we forgot the bottle of wine.)  Afterward we drank lemonade and ate chocolate and then Molly and I slept like babies in my fluffy bed–it was the best weekend everrrrr.

This morning Eva, Eva’s brother, Molly and I hiked Bishops peak and ate a delicious breakfast.  The weather is stunning in SLO right now, although a bit windy…

I’m going to clean and study today.  Just got a Twitter, I’m stoked on it.  Twitter is awesome, you know you want one….



You there!  I’m the most excited girl ever and I don’t care who knows it!!  

I tried to vent my excitement using my cardiovascular stamina and 5 miles of pavement– it sort of worked, but every time I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirrored window of a business I thought “Damn!  I look fiiiine and my form is top notch and I can’t wait for tomorrow night!”  and then I’d get all worked up again.

I bought myself a sexy shirt, I’ve got my mustache, my manicure, and I’ve got that great guy I’ve been writing about coming, too.  No big deal…





This was a few weeks ago at my friend Alex's 21st b-day :)

This was a few weeks ago at my friend Alex's 21st b-day 🙂


Mustache Love

funny_mustacheTo get to my family reunion I took the midnight bus from SLO to San Francisco on Thursday night, which arrived 45 minutes early at 4:45 am. There I was on the Embarcadero & Mission in the dimly lit, foggy morning, click-clackin’ my rolly suitcase down the street serving as a vulnerable, human alarm clock for all the sleeping bums and drug addicts. A few homeless were already/still awake, talking to lamp posts and walking in circles, but the others stirred and groaned as I clattered past them on my quest for Starbucks.

I found a Starbucks (not after being accosted by taxi drivers from conflicting Middle Eastern countries, claiming a lower fair and begging for me to get in their cab. I don’t know if their pleas were for my own safety or their own personal gain…) The guys at the Starbucks were in the middle of a discussion about sex when I walked in, and then the one guy called me sugar 10 times over before my mom picked me up out front.

My twin sister flew in from Boston Sunday evening and we drove to SLO Monday afternoon and caught the Poly lacrosse game. It was so much fun! Mckenna was making me laugh sooo hard– she was saying, “Lacrosse games are like an open bar that no one knows about! They’re like a secret club, with a free brunch and no one goes because they don’t advertise.” It’s true, lacrosse games are like underground sporting fun, served up hot.

My intentions for going to the game were not merely for the sport, per se…

Yesterday I brought my sister into the sandwich shop to meet the owners and so we got lunch while we were at it. While we were eating that great guy came in to the shop while we were there! I didn’t even look up to see him… Believe me when I say it wasn’t rude, but I didn’t shoot him with a beaming smile either. I mean, haven’t I shown my interest enough already? Exerting a broad smile in his direction might have sent me over the edge…

So I tried not to think about it and kind of started to worry that no more progress was to be made. It’d come to a stand-still and I needed to accept that…

Until he called me last night. He ran into my friend/coworker at a bar on St. Patties day and I talked to him… so yeah 🙂 He thinks I’m cute. This is wonderful.


This weekend is a little b-day bash my wonderful amazing friends Eva and Mckenna are throwing for me. It’s a mustache party, so bring your ‘stache. I’m going for the ‘friendly barber’ look 🙂