I am THAT girl.

Yesterday I was walking downtown and I saw this really nice girl that comes into the sandwich shop (all the time.)  She starred at me and I felt awkward to have recognized her and have her not recognize ME.  And then her eyes lit up and I could tell that it registered where she knew me from, and she exclaimed, “Oh!  I didn’t recognize you without the apron and the hat or whatever!”

This comment flew past us and we exchanged proper and friendly hellos, but in reality it resonated deep within me and sadly reaffirmed the fact that I AM “THE SANDWICH GIRL.”

Does the cute boy across the street think of me in the same light?  Is this, perhaps, what will keep him from getting my phone number?  I make his sandwiches and can’t be imagined as anything but a sandwich girl, wearing anything but a tank top, a (cute) apron and a hat??

Last night we all ate tacos and drank tequila (I’m feeling okay right now, thank you.  I did not throw up in my shoe nor did I streak through the neighborhood.)  Anyway, we drank and laughed for days about the manly men that can’t quite figure out why they like ordering “a meatball sausage” at the Giant Grinder.  It’s because they love their giant meatball sausage grinder.

ANYWAY!  That cute boy came in and I drew a heart on his sandwich and then I immediately regretted it as he pulled the sandwich bag from the counter.  I wanted to snatch it from him and re-wrap it, sans heart.  But you know what?  How the heck else do I have any chance of moving up from being “the sandwich girl’???  I have to use what medium I can to attain a higher ranking, unfortunately the medium I have to use IS, in fact, the sandwich itself.

I’m going on a run before work, have a great weekend, xoxoxo


2 thoughts on “I am THAT girl.

  1. Austen says:

    okay so i started reading your first blog and then i just kept reading and reading all of the recent posts!! you have such a way with words, its amazing!! i am hooked now.. thanks for making it one of my favorites! hahha

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