Boogers And Midnight Buses

Tomorrow, I’m. Going. Hooome.

I have school from 9-9 and then I’m catching the 12:10 am bus to arrive in SF at 5:30 in the morning. I’m sure I’ll sleep the whole bus ride, without taking bong hits, due to my very long, very physically demanding Thursday (I joked to my dad that the bus ride would be fine as long as I could sedate myself with a few hits from a 6 foot bong. Not going to, it was a joke.)

It’s a family reunion this weekend, I hope to get a bunch of pictures–I’ll post them if I do.

I’m also getting my hairs cut for the first time in threeeee monnnnthsss! Enough already…. ugh.

My friend told me that cute boy came into sandwich shop today and had boogers in his nose. I still think he’s cute.

Next two weeks entail a lotttt of big events, but I’m ready baby bring it to me. Here we go! Debussy, Clair de Lune, and goodnight. 🙂


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