Good Things

Molly just left, I wanted her to stay but sometimes you don’t get enough of a good thing.

Last night the girls surprised me with a 2 hour soak in the hot springs!  It was so amazing, especially after the weekend.  The sky was clear and the air was cold, but that hot spring was hot hot HOT and it was just what we needed.  It felt like we were Grecian goddesses bathing in the moonlight (although we forgot the bottle of wine.)  Afterward we drank lemonade and ate chocolate and then Molly and I slept like babies in my fluffy bed–it was the best weekend everrrrr.

This morning Eva, Eva’s brother, Molly and I hiked Bishops peak and ate a delicious breakfast.  The weather is stunning in SLO right now, although a bit windy…

I’m going to clean and study today.  Just got a Twitter, I’m stoked on it.  Twitter is awesome, you know you want one….


3 thoughts on “Good Things

  1. Eva says:

    i seriously thought today was sunday…i don’t like weekdays anymore, i want only weekends or summer year round!! i love you and i’m so glad you had a great time! that’s all i wanted! so tonight the good things continue…


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