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Goodbye Teenager


I turn 20 years-young tomorrow and I’m stoked on it.  Why am I excited?  Because I love words; I love the sound of them, their dictionary definition, their street definition and their positive/negative connotations.  

The fact of the matter is, “I am 20”  sounds much, much better than, “I’m 19.”  

Nineteen??  Twenty.  Nineteen?  No, TWENTY.

“Claire, how old is your sister Erika?”  SHE’S NINETEEN  “oh, she’s cute”

“Claire, how old is your sister Erika?”  SHE’S TWENTY  “Damn.  She’s hot like Demi Moore.”

See what I mean?  Hahaha… but really…  on the real, 

You should wish me a happy birthday 🙂  

I go to school/workout all day tomorrow, but it’s cool b/c I bought new pink running shorts (what’s with me and pink lately?) and I’ll be feelin’ cute and happy in my brightness.


One thought on “Goodbye Teenager

  1. Happy Birthday my spunky dinkledorff, 20 does definitely sound more like adult mainstream than 19. But you are wonderful at every age and I have photos and tapes to prove it. All the way from the little plucked chickens in the incubators. That’s what Grandma’s are for a little tweaking at times. All my love, Grandma

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