I’m Chewed Gum.

Today began beautifully, woke up at 7:30 (naturally) and went on a run.  Worked all day, got home at 7:30 and I feel horrible.  I mean, I really feel terrible.  My throat hurts badly… my whole body aches so badly, I feel like I am a chewed piece of gum stuck to a bicycle wheel (yes that sore.)  Took a bunch of vitamins yesterday and today, drank a ton of water all day in hopes of fighting a tingle in the back of my throat.  No avail,  I’m rendered.

It’s not even 9 on Saturday night and I just took a hot showe, 2 benadryl, and put my ear plugs in.  So I sedated myself, my blinds are closed and I’m not waking up until I wake up.

Thank you everyone for the amazing birthday and all of the birthday wishes and gifts.  I love you so much, I feel very grateful to have such supportive family/friends (but friends are family of choice, anyway…) you guys are the best. Xoxoxoxoxo


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