I hate my blog right now… I just went through and read some of my posts and, really?

Why do you people read this bull shit? I sound very different than I feel when I write it.¬† That means, I’m not accomplishing my intentions as a writer.

And I feel tired of making my inner feelings so vulnerable to the outside world.

I can’t seem to easily stop talking to my blog; it’s compulsive and is beginning to reach it’s limits of positivity and transform into a negative in my life.

I’m feel like a lush of a writer. I need to return to the private, safe, thick, heavy pages of my bound, black journal.


Strawberries and Vanity


Today my dad and lil sis left today ūüė¶ ¬†We went grocery shopping and I bought some things I don’t normally buy such as buttermilk pancake mix and avocados (not to be used together.) ¬†I then went to Pacific Home and Garden and bought some plants: ¬†got some marigolds and some daisies, a tomato plant, some basil, and some strawberries for decorative purposes. ¬†I wish I had a flower box at my window so that I had an easier time growing plants that need full sun.

I also went on a good run today… I rolled my ankle pretty badly a couple days ago so I took a little bit to warm up but I did 6 ¬†400m repeats with 2 minutes rest. ¬†It was great. ¬†I think tomorrow I’ll go on a bike ride to Avila to lay off the ankle a bit.

I feel very strong right now. ¬†My dad said he was impressed by my strength after we went on a bike ride together on Easter. ¬†That meant a lot coming from him… ¬†If I just took a swimming class over the summer I think I’d be a great triathlete. ¬†What’s better cross-training for running? ¬†Pilates or swimming? ¬†I think pilates is more complementary to running, but swimming is great cardio. ¬†Hm…

I’m going to Santa Barbara tomorrow to visit my best friend Lauren. ¬†I’m very excittted! ¬†I love visiting her, although I can’t do it as much as I’d like. ¬†This will be my spring break: I’m going to run on the beach and lay in the sun. ¬†I also might partake in some leisurely reading, might buy a Vanity Fair, it’ll be crazy. ¬†Pictures to come, xoxo


Epic Wknd!

This was my epic weekend:

Streak Hathaway on Thursday night. ¬†It happens every year, tons of fun. ¬†Everyone parties and then streaks naked down Hathaway Street, and then parties more… participants are largely of the male gender, although Ken and Christian said they saw about 5 sets of boobies. Most people just watch (as did Eva and I, along with at least 1000 other students.)

Then Friday Lauren came to visit!  I love it when Lauren visits.  It feels like a mini-vaycay for me.

And on Saturday Mike and David came to visit, which was fun. ¬†We ate burritos and¬†went to a party at Kens and¬†drank mojitos. ¬†Got a lil’ crazy, the next morning no one could figure out how we all got so drunk. ¬†We lounged most the day except for my Children’s Museum experience, which was boring and kind of bizarre. ¬†The most exciting thing to happen was that a woman was simultaneously conversing with me and breast feeding her baby. ¬†The girl I was standing with saw nipple and felt so awkward she had to walk away. Hahaha..

Then Sunday was Ken’s birthday. ¬†He gave me a ride on his new Honda Shadow which was super fun! ¬†I LOVE love love that my best friends boyfriend can give me a ride on his motorcycle. ¬†That’s a testament to their awesomeness, they are like the greatest couple in the world. ¬†I’m like the lucky witness to their amazing relationship, their biggest fan. ¬†I’m like the Eric to Corey and Topanga… I love them. ¬†Anyway, ¬†it was beautiful out and so we BBQ’d and ate burgers and drank Coronas with lime. ¬†It was the greatest… ¬†the best part was that we all had a huge laugh attack, the kind where you cry and shake and hurt but you can’t stop laughing.

So that was my weekend, removed from the bike theft. ¬†Oh! ¬†And I met a cute guy, he got my number, we might hang on Friday, I’m stoked ūüôā

Big week ahead, but spring break starts on Friiiiidayyy!  And my little sis and my Dad are coming to visit!

Gotta get through gotta get through…


Bike Thief Severely Injured In Collision With Squirrel

My beloved road bike was stolen off of my porch on Friday (and it was locked, too!) Basically, ¬†I’m the saddest girl that I know.

Who ever has my bike doesn’t need it more than I do. ¬†I keep thinking about how excited I am to ride my bike to school on Monday, or how I can’t wait to ride with my dad when he comes to visit and then I remember I don’t have a bike any more! ¬†And then I think how sad it is that I don’t have a bike OR a car… it’s not a good feeling to desire speed and distance but have no way to satisfy the need. ¬†Sometimes you just have to GO somewhere, you know? ¬†I’ll just have to run.

When I discovered it was gone, I found a little green plastic mermaid in it’s place and I was convinced for about 30 minutes that someone was doing a scavenger hunt to trick me. ¬†Then my fate dawned on me… so I vented my anger by taping this sign to the front of my house:



I love the hand I drew… I’m sure the elementary school right down the street was thrilled. ¬†

Today I’m volunteering at the Children’s Museum, hopefully that goes well… ¬†I need something to go well!