Strawberries and Vanity


Today my dad and lil sis left today 😦  We went grocery shopping and I bought some things I don’t normally buy such as buttermilk pancake mix and avocados (not to be used together.)  I then went to Pacific Home and Garden and bought some plants:  got some marigolds and some daisies, a tomato plant, some basil, and some strawberries for decorative purposes.  I wish I had a flower box at my window so that I had an easier time growing plants that need full sun.

I also went on a good run today… I rolled my ankle pretty badly a couple days ago so I took a little bit to warm up but I did 6  400m repeats with 2 minutes rest.  It was great.  I think tomorrow I’ll go on a bike ride to Avila to lay off the ankle a bit.

I feel very strong right now.  My dad said he was impressed by my strength after we went on a bike ride together on Easter.  That meant a lot coming from him…  If I just took a swimming class over the summer I think I’d be a great triathlete.  What’s better cross-training for running?  Pilates or swimming?  I think pilates is more complementary to running, but swimming is great cardio.  Hm…

I’m going to Santa Barbara tomorrow to visit my best friend Lauren.  I’m very excittted!  I love visiting her, although I can’t do it as much as I’d like.  This will be my spring break: I’m going to run on the beach and lay in the sun.  I also might partake in some leisurely reading, might buy a Vanity Fair, it’ll be crazy.  Pictures to come, xoxo


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