I Think It’s About Forgiveness

It’s quater till 11 and I just got home to my dads house in Sonoma… feels so good to be up North.  I feel so lucky to go between 2 places that make me feel so excited to return to.  Every time I go home I feel STOKED to be in the Bay Area, and every time I return to SLO it’s this amazing feeling like, I’m returning to the home that I made for MYSELF.  It’s like my home of choice, I feel like the best version of myself in SLO.  I feel proud of the life I’ve made. When we go back to where we grew up, sometimes we return to old dynamics/behaviors that make us feel young again.  & Feeling young again isn’t always a good feeling…  Going home used to be really tough, but I’ve grown and I can handle it better every time I return.

Tomorrow is early morning run, breakfast at the Sunflower Cafe with my Mom at 9, lunch with Tina, shopping, dinner with my dad, and at some point I’m hoping to have coffee with Miss Leah G (Hit me up girrrrl)  I miss her.

I’m going to try to document my whole 2 week vacation in photographs, to be posted along the way, sort of like I did in Japan.

Dave Matthews Band on Sunday Morning tomorrow.  Tell India.Arie to get out of my head because she’s been there for daysssss.

Bed time now,  Xoxoxo


Got Yo Mojo?

A final denouement to my non-fiction valentine story called Salami Love:

What was this salami love?  I gave a anonymous valentine to the good looking customer that lived across the street from my work.  The whole thing began as a joke, but ended with “he’s an asshole.”  Basically, it was a superficial crush, based on what was assumed and not what was known.  I assumed he was a great guy;  confident, athletic, good looking, friendly… apparently there is more to a person?  Joking…

Anyway, it basically comes down to 2 things: he only wanted me for the wrong reasons, & I take that as rejection.  He was kind of a doofy guy anyway;  I don’t know if his lack of tact was a good thing or a bad thing.  I don’t mean to be mean, he actually seemed like a great guy, just not interested in me.  I can live with that, or without it, however you want to read it.

Check out this fella:

He makes me want to be extremely fit.

Word of the day is MOJO.  I love that word.  Goodnight eeereybody…


What Keeps You Up At Night?

I’ve been loving Twitter lately, but I have some thoughts.  I love Twitter for its good democratic qualities, for it’s ability to influence society in a positive way, and it’s ability to easily network with virtually anyone, anywhere.  It has all of the good qualities of blogging, only on a micro-scale that’s more easily accessible.  HOWEVER, if we’re honest with ourselves, most of it is all bullshit.  People only circulate what they already know is circulating.  Moreover, the trending topics on Twitter are mostly insignificant and sometimes downright trashy.  Important breaking news is flash-in-the-pan.  North Korea has nuclear bombs, yet was a “trending topic” for a few hours (if that) only to be replaced by John & Kate and “3 words you’d hear during sex.”  But regardless, I’m sick of cynics who are resistant to new technology writing off Twitter as complete bullshit.  It’s a good thing, and they only make it more satisfying for us on the cutting edge of technology to have the last laugh. Muah hahahaha (Mckenna)

But really, the whole North Korea thing really eats at me… I mean, the looming threat of their nuclear program has always been there but all of a sudden the reality of the situation has been thrust in the faces of the UN and the Obama Administration and I’m kinda really freaked out.

When I was a little girl, I was so scared of fire that once I made my Dad walk me around every floor of a giant hotel after the fire alarm went off so that I could be certain there wasn’t any fire.  And when the fire alarm went off in our house I’d use any means to get to the mail box meeting spot as fast as possible;  a few times i jumped butt naked clear outta the bath tub.  I was a little girl so it wasn’t inappropriate.

My point is, North Korea makes me that kind of nervous.  Not that I’m going to run out of my house butt naked, but it really freaks me out.

Tonight I made myself pancakes for dinner because I really don’t want to go grocery shopping before I leave for home this weekend… all I have is simple carbs and yogurt. AHHhhh it’s driving me crazy.  I feel like I’m going to get scurvy. Can’t wait to go home though, ready for a little vay cay.  Goodnight ya all ❤

Don’t let North Korea keep you up at night.


Camera Phone:A Retrospective


Portrait of a Stats Queen:

Portrait of a tired girl:

portrait of a tired girl

Portrait of a 5k runner:

portrait of a 5k runner

Still life with Oranges and Strawberries, arranged:

Still life with strawberries and oranges, arranged

Still life with fro-yo, as arranged by MK & Erika:


Portrait of girls at a dive bar:

The Gas Light

Progress in Orange:


An Eva on a pier:

Eves at Avila

An Eva being awkward:

Eva's 21st

Lovers on a futon:


Portrait of 2 friends:


Still life with 2  tacos, tequila and lime.

Still life with taco and tequila

Lovers at night time on a date:


Brunelleschi’s Baby surrounded by produce:

Brunelleschi's Baby


After Finals, I Can Live Again.

Read about the couple who are on the run after a bank mistakenly deposited over 6 million dollars into their account.  Run Leo and Cara!  Run!

So far I’ve aced all of my finals.  I’ve got one more and then I’m done.  Here are some excerpts from 2 of my final papers:

History of the Afro-American:

Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Du Bois, William Monroe Trotter, William Pickens, A. Philip Randolph, Jack Johnson and Marcus Garvey are all great, memorable men that contributed to the history of African Americans, though the ways and ideas in which they contributed vary greatly.  Booker T. Washington is, perhaps, the best person to begin with when discussing the relationship between the influential African American community leaders aforementioned.  His views on attaining equality offer beautiful contrast and emphasis to the ideas of the other men who I will discuss thereafter.
Booker T Washington’s address called the Atlanta Compromise illustrates his thoughts on equality and segregation; Washington spoke to a segregated audience and told them that the best strategy for blacks to reach equality would be for them to attain economic independence and to acquire trade skills.
  He encouraged the black audience to accept segregation, and he told them that fighting for equal rights was fruitless.  Washington told the white audience that blacks “would be separate as fingers, but one as the hand.”

(If I had to choose one, W.E.B. Du Bois is a true American hero)

 History of Renaissance Art:

The Enlightenment was about reason and rationality, the ability of humans to teach of the universe in rational, practical ways, and the innate “goodness” of humankind.  Members of the French and Royal academies painted accurately what they knew of history, what they saw of form in classic sculpture, and what they found to be familiar, stable and unchanging.  Romanticism was a reaction to the orderly and rational principles of the Enlightenment.  Romantic art flipped the concept of the Enlightenment on its back and investigated human emotions and feelings, the strange, unfamiliar (and sometimes uncomfortable) and emphasized the uncontrollable, dark aspects of human nature.

I won’t include a boring excerpt of my research paper on Peruvian Shamanism, but I will tell you that I wrote the 10 pages the night before it was due and got a 90 on it.

Also, my friend Alex just started a blog.  Her first post here!  To sum it up: “Hi, I’m Erika.  But my friends call me Goddess.”

These past few weeks have been insane, I can’t wait to feel liberated from school for a few weeks.  I’m going up North to see my family, my Grandma, and then my sister Ashley and my cousin are flying in from the East Coast.  Very exciting.  Then I’ll be returning to the Central Coast, or Santa Barbara, to watch one of my very best friends in the whole world graduate from UCSB.  Just to boast about her for a second, she’s graduating in 3 years on the Dean’s list with a degree in Psychology, emphasis in applied psych.  One of the most intelligent people that I know, she’s very impressive. And beautiful too.  Shall I keep going?…

Anyway, right after that I start summer school.  I’ll be volunteering with the local art center in the mornings and then going to school from 11:30-5:30.  I’m taking a swimming class too!  Very excited.  And when those 6 weeks are over I’ll be headed up to Humboldt County again to be a counselor at my high school cross-country camp.  The following 2 weeks after are Cuesta’s  training program, and then Fall semester starts.

I should be in great shape by that point, and when Fall semester begins I’ll be working out twice a day, six days a week!  I’m very excited too watch my body change and my race times drop.

Now, in all seriousness, answer me this:  Why do you read my blog?  I demand a response, I’m dying to know, I can’t for the life of me figure it out.

Why do you read my blog?



Some New Things That I Love, Lately:


Okay, so this isn't a new love... but how cute is John Mayer as a little school boy??

Okay, so this isn't a new love... but how cute is John Mayer as a little school boy??


My new brown, leather strappy summer heels.  So stoked.

I also love that Eva is rockin’ a french manicure.

I love Twitter, and I embrace my love for Twitter because I think it has the ability to be potentially GREAT for the discourse of the media.  Twitter brings democracy to the news, and hands the masses the ability to decide what they believe to be ‘newsworthy’.  Unfortunately, we live in a wonderfully elitist society–a society controlled by elites that give us the illusion of having control over our society/government by allowing us to vote, etc.  In reality, we don’t garner very much change by voting, and we have very little power.  This is a good thing because, generally speaking, the masses are (collectively) uninformed idiots who don’t have a desire to protect the fundamentals of democracy (For example, the woman on the news today who said, when asked her opinion on the pervert spotted in her neighborhood, “on the second [pervert] offense I think they should be castrated.  I really do.”  Now, that’s not democratic, is it?  So, I’ve made a short story long, but I’m saying this because while I really love Twitter because it’s opened up the Internet for me and has allowed a very direct means for gathering news that I care about, handing the news to the masses can result in this: The Masses Aren’t Smart (I fell for this too…)  Regardless, get a Twitter.  You’ll have one in a year anyway, and that’s if your consciously fighting it.  A year is how long you’ll last.  Get it now and reserve your user name before you wind of having to use a ten digit number on the end of your last name.

I love Gossip Girl.  Season Finale this Monday!  I don’t hide my love for this any more.  And you know what, recently I came to realize that I don’t need to hide the cliche parts of me anymore.  I’m cultured and avant-garde but I can still love Oprah, french manicures and Gossip Girl, okay?


I love Orientalism

I love Orientalism


I love Goya.

I love Goya.

I love boys that play sports.  (found this on my computer desktop and I didn't drag it there--if I didn't then who did?

I love boys that play sports. (found this on my computer desktop and I didn't drag it there--if I didn't then who did?) By the by, his guy's a little too skinny for my taste.

I love vertical stripes lately.  I love white t-shirts lately.  I love pencil eyeliner as opposed to liquid eyeliner lately.

I Love:
Dave Matthews Band lately,
W.E.B. Du Bois lately (and forever)

Lastly,  I love falafel and baklava lately.  More on that later.. Must sleep I gotta wake up early… if you’re lucky I’ll post some really funny pictures of Eva and I drinking tacky drinks out of tacky martini glasses by the end of the weekend.  If you call yourself out on being tacky, are you still tacky?

Friends, Twenty!

Pictures and Explanations

2844_1083783888932_1056390094_30221024_7436776_nThe GG Girls!  I work with these hotties at the sandwich shop.  We were having fun on a very slow afternoon.

3313_97382700349_502000349_2947426_261453_n-1My blond hair, it’s new, I like it… just trying to figure out how to keep it soft and shiny?  Blond hair can easily turn into straw.

n6422928_38094524_6558753Mckenna and Me at Eva’s birthday dinner at Novo. My favorite place in San Luis!  They have amazing food, and an equally amazing wine list.

4482_645368000255_6422928_38094510_2473126_nThese pretty girls are two of my great friends– and my roommates!  Out for Eva’s 21st…  I wasn’t there but I want to pretend like I was.

n6422928_38094497_6384627Birthday Girl!!  How pretty is she?!

n6422928_38094507_7355123Yeah, I’m not in the picture because I’m the one taking it……. wait, what??  yeah pshhh, i was totally there, you just couldn’t see me!


I’ve been trying to write a research paper for the last 4 hours but the sandwich in my bag has been distracting me.  And every time I look up the ”money I could be saving from switching to Gieco” has been starring at me… ahh hahaha.  If you don’t understand that, forget I said it.  Anyway, I’m off to my last History of the Afro-American class… going to miss Dr. K and his cat obsession.