I’m Back

I apologize to all of my readers who kept checking, kept checking, kept….checking….my blog for weeks! Only to find that it still remained the same. So to all of my readers: Ashley, Molly & Dad…. my deepest apologies.

But really, what actually remains the same? While my blog sits idle for weeks, my life continues as exciting as ever. What I mean to say is, my blog is not necessarily a representation of reality. I use my blog to manipulate the minds of my 3 readers into thinking about me what I want them to think about me… and to wonder about me when I want them to wonder about me… how does that grab you? Well, I’m only joking anyway. I’m just trying to say that what appears on my blog is controlled by me, and since it’s about me, it’s not necessarily an accurate reflection OF me. I might even assert that it can be a poor representation of how I feel, since words only take you so far. In reality, I’d love for my blog to be like Martha Stewart’s with an extra helping of edginess. My question is, do Democrats and Martha mix well?

Great segway to my next idea; While remaining registered as a Democrat, I’d like to announce that I am MODERATE. Yes, it appears that slowly, my worst childhood fear is coming true. My best friend Tyler’s step-mom once told me that I’d be a Democrat while I was young, and I’d become more conservative as I grew up. Will this blog post come back to haunt me as I ascend in high-society San Francisco? Side note: later in life two high-society events a year and I’ll be happy… the opening night of the ballet and a museum gala or two and I’ll have you know…. I’d be a happy woman.

Anyone know the buy-in?

So, there’s two more weeks of school left–& that’s including finals week. I’m ready to be done! Looking forward to this weekend, looking forward to The Strawberry Stampede 5K in Arroyo Grande, to my swim class over the summer, visiting with my Grandma in June, and redecorating in July.

My new room is going to be the romantic French style, I’ll document that and spin it into a blog post. This is the fabric my curtains will be:
ZZ401.250x250_thumband these are the style of curtains I’m planning on sewing:
KM_windows05c_lgThis whole blog-thing is like riding a bike; I feel as though I’d never taken a break. Thank you for enduring those dry, dreary days without my oh-so-profound thoughts on life as a sandwich girl (but more importantly, the fabric of my drapes.)

Listening to Immortal Technique & Simon and Garfunkel…

‘Night Dad, Mo, Ash…. talk to you guys tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Molly says:

    YAY! When my facebook and email fails to entertain, a good post always satisfies…and you know I am checkn’!!!

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