Friends, Twenty!

Pictures and Explanations

2844_1083783888932_1056390094_30221024_7436776_nThe GG Girls!  I work with these hotties at the sandwich shop.  We were having fun on a very slow afternoon.

3313_97382700349_502000349_2947426_261453_n-1My blond hair, it’s new, I like it… just trying to figure out how to keep it soft and shiny?  Blond hair can easily turn into straw.

n6422928_38094524_6558753Mckenna and Me at Eva’s birthday dinner at Novo. My favorite place in San Luis!  They have amazing food, and an equally amazing wine list.

4482_645368000255_6422928_38094510_2473126_nThese pretty girls are two of my great friends– and my roommates!  Out for Eva’s 21st…  I wasn’t there but I want to pretend like I was.

n6422928_38094497_6384627Birthday Girl!!  How pretty is she?!

n6422928_38094507_7355123Yeah, I’m not in the picture because I’m the one taking it……. wait, what??  yeah pshhh, i was totally there, you just couldn’t see me!


I’ve been trying to write a research paper for the last 4 hours but the sandwich in my bag has been distracting me.  And every time I look up the ”money I could be saving from switching to Gieco” has been starring at me… ahh hahaha.  If you don’t understand that, forget I said it.  Anyway, I’m off to my last History of the Afro-American class… going to miss Dr. K and his cat obsession.


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