After Finals, I Can Live Again.

Read about the couple who are on the run after a bank mistakenly deposited over 6 million dollars into their account.  Run Leo and Cara!  Run!

So far I’ve aced all of my finals.  I’ve got one more and then I’m done.  Here are some excerpts from 2 of my final papers:

History of the Afro-American:

Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Du Bois, William Monroe Trotter, William Pickens, A. Philip Randolph, Jack Johnson and Marcus Garvey are all great, memorable men that contributed to the history of African Americans, though the ways and ideas in which they contributed vary greatly.  Booker T. Washington is, perhaps, the best person to begin with when discussing the relationship between the influential African American community leaders aforementioned.  His views on attaining equality offer beautiful contrast and emphasis to the ideas of the other men who I will discuss thereafter.
Booker T Washington’s address called the Atlanta Compromise illustrates his thoughts on equality and segregation; Washington spoke to a segregated audience and told them that the best strategy for blacks to reach equality would be for them to attain economic independence and to acquire trade skills.
  He encouraged the black audience to accept segregation, and he told them that fighting for equal rights was fruitless.  Washington told the white audience that blacks “would be separate as fingers, but one as the hand.”

(If I had to choose one, W.E.B. Du Bois is a true American hero)

 History of Renaissance Art:

The Enlightenment was about reason and rationality, the ability of humans to teach of the universe in rational, practical ways, and the innate “goodness” of humankind.  Members of the French and Royal academies painted accurately what they knew of history, what they saw of form in classic sculpture, and what they found to be familiar, stable and unchanging.  Romanticism was a reaction to the orderly and rational principles of the Enlightenment.  Romantic art flipped the concept of the Enlightenment on its back and investigated human emotions and feelings, the strange, unfamiliar (and sometimes uncomfortable) and emphasized the uncontrollable, dark aspects of human nature.

I won’t include a boring excerpt of my research paper on Peruvian Shamanism, but I will tell you that I wrote the 10 pages the night before it was due and got a 90 on it.

Also, my friend Alex just started a blog.  Her first post here!  To sum it up: “Hi, I’m Erika.  But my friends call me Goddess.”

These past few weeks have been insane, I can’t wait to feel liberated from school for a few weeks.  I’m going up North to see my family, my Grandma, and then my sister Ashley and my cousin are flying in from the East Coast.  Very exciting.  Then I’ll be returning to the Central Coast, or Santa Barbara, to watch one of my very best friends in the whole world graduate from UCSB.  Just to boast about her for a second, she’s graduating in 3 years on the Dean’s list with a degree in Psychology, emphasis in applied psych.  One of the most intelligent people that I know, she’s very impressive. And beautiful too.  Shall I keep going?…

Anyway, right after that I start summer school.  I’ll be volunteering with the local art center in the mornings and then going to school from 11:30-5:30.  I’m taking a swimming class too!  Very excited.  And when those 6 weeks are over I’ll be headed up to Humboldt County again to be a counselor at my high school cross-country camp.  The following 2 weeks after are Cuesta’s  training program, and then Fall semester starts.

I should be in great shape by that point, and when Fall semester begins I’ll be working out twice a day, six days a week!  I’m very excited too watch my body change and my race times drop.

Now, in all seriousness, answer me this:  Why do you read my blog?  I demand a response, I’m dying to know, I can’t for the life of me figure it out.

Why do you read my blog?



10 thoughts on “After Finals, I Can Live Again.

    • Erika says:

      to-san, i know you can improve that answer. did you write it before you had your morning coffee or something??

  1. Austen says:

    haha to-san!! im sure that’s exactly the answer you wanted (unless that was a joke…) but i read your blogs because i like to know what is going on in my friends lives and there is something very entertaining in the way that you express yourself and the words you write with.. if i didnt already know you wanted to be a writer, i would say hey, you should be a writer =]

  2. jumeau says:

    I read your blog for a couple of reasons. First of all, I think you have an incredible way of connecting with people through your writing, and because of that, I love to read it. Secondly, you have an awful habit of not answering your cellular device, and the only way to know what you’re doing with your life is to read about your daily happenings on this blog! it’s my number one bookmark. Lastly (but not in the least bit least) you are absolutely hilarious, and this blog never fails to cheer me up 🙂

    • Erika says:

      you delivered the most thoughtful response i could have hoped for! so, i apologize for not answering my phone… i love you whoever you are. (I can tell by the way that you write, i actually do think i know who you are and… i love you.)

  3. laura says:

    I love to read your site because…….
    I can read about how your doing, sometimes you don’t callback or answer (better than cell phone talk).
    I love the pictures, links, visuals of your site.
    It makes me feel more connected to you when I need to see my beautiful, talented, smart,sexy, fun
    daughter. I love your blog. It is a gift to those who love you and for those who don’t they wish they did!

    • Erika says:

      i LOVE to see the words smart&sexy next to one another! miss you, love you, thank you for the nice words, i’ll try to answer my phone more :))

  4. To-san says:

    Well, okay. Here’s why I like reading your blog.
    First, I like knowing what my little punkin’ is doing in her life.
    Second, I enjoy the interesting information that you occasionally post, like the poetry, the music (Kissy Apslund, Seal), and the articles.
    Third, I like the variety of subjects you cover. It’s almost always a surprise.
    Fourth, I like the way the words seem to go from your tongue to the page (I can hear you saying it as I read.)
    Last, I really enjoy the Philosophy of Erika. Your words are thoughtful as well as thought provoking.

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