What Keeps You Up At Night?

I’ve been loving Twitter lately, but I have some thoughts.  I love Twitter for its good democratic qualities, for it’s ability to influence society in a positive way, and it’s ability to easily network with virtually anyone, anywhere.  It has all of the good qualities of blogging, only on a micro-scale that’s more easily accessible.  HOWEVER, if we’re honest with ourselves, most of it is all bullshit.  People only circulate what they already know is circulating.  Moreover, the trending topics on Twitter are mostly insignificant and sometimes downright trashy.  Important breaking news is flash-in-the-pan.  North Korea has nuclear bombs, yet was a “trending topic” for a few hours (if that) only to be replaced by John & Kate and “3 words you’d hear during sex.”  But regardless, I’m sick of cynics who are resistant to new technology writing off Twitter as complete bullshit.  It’s a good thing, and they only make it more satisfying for us on the cutting edge of technology to have the last laugh. Muah hahahaha (Mckenna)

But really, the whole North Korea thing really eats at me… I mean, the looming threat of their nuclear program has always been there but all of a sudden the reality of the situation has been thrust in the faces of the UN and the Obama Administration and I’m kinda really freaked out.

When I was a little girl, I was so scared of fire that once I made my Dad walk me around every floor of a giant hotel after the fire alarm went off so that I could be certain there wasn’t any fire.  And when the fire alarm went off in our house I’d use any means to get to the mail box meeting spot as fast as possible;  a few times i jumped butt naked clear outta the bath tub.  I was a little girl so it wasn’t inappropriate.

My point is, North Korea makes me that kind of nervous.  Not that I’m going to run out of my house butt naked, but it really freaks me out.

Tonight I made myself pancakes for dinner because I really don’t want to go grocery shopping before I leave for home this weekend… all I have is simple carbs and yogurt. AHHhhh it’s driving me crazy.  I feel like I’m going to get scurvy. Can’t wait to go home though, ready for a little vay cay.  Goodnight ya all ❤

Don’t let North Korea keep you up at night.


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