Got Yo Mojo?

A final denouement to my non-fiction valentine story called Salami Love:

What was this salami love?  I gave a anonymous valentine to the good looking customer that lived across the street from my work.  The whole thing began as a joke, but ended with “he’s an asshole.”  Basically, it was a superficial crush, based on what was assumed and not what was known.  I assumed he was a great guy;  confident, athletic, good looking, friendly… apparently there is more to a person?  Joking…

Anyway, it basically comes down to 2 things: he only wanted me for the wrong reasons, & I take that as rejection.  He was kind of a doofy guy anyway;  I don’t know if his lack of tact was a good thing or a bad thing.  I don’t mean to be mean, he actually seemed like a great guy, just not interested in me.  I can live with that, or without it, however you want to read it.

Check out this fella:

He makes me want to be extremely fit.

Word of the day is MOJO.  I love that word.  Goodnight eeereybody…


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