I Think It’s About Forgiveness

It’s quater till 11 and I just got home to my dads house in Sonoma… feels so good to be up North.  I feel so lucky to go between 2 places that make me feel so excited to return to.  Every time I go home I feel STOKED to be in the Bay Area, and every time I return to SLO it’s this amazing feeling like, I’m returning to the home that I made for MYSELF.  It’s like my home of choice, I feel like the best version of myself in SLO.  I feel proud of the life I’ve made. When we go back to where we grew up, sometimes we return to old dynamics/behaviors that make us feel young again.  & Feeling young again isn’t always a good feeling…  Going home used to be really tough, but I’ve grown and I can handle it better every time I return.

Tomorrow is early morning run, breakfast at the Sunflower Cafe with my Mom at 9, lunch with Tina, shopping, dinner with my dad, and at some point I’m hoping to have coffee with Miss Leah G (Hit me up girrrrl)  I miss her.

I’m going to try to document my whole 2 week vacation in photographs, to be posted along the way, sort of like I did in Japan.

Dave Matthews Band on Sunday Morning tomorrow.  Tell India.Arie to get out of my head because she’s been there for daysssss.

Bed time now,  Xoxoxo


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