I Do The Little Erika Proud

Today I woke up early to have coffee with my mom at the best place in town, the Sunflower Cafe.  We went on a walk and then I met up with my best friends Mom for iced tea and an afternoon looking at art.  Our friend Margaret has an amazing photography exhibit at the Sonoma Valley community center showcasing her elaborate set/costume designs.  Then we went to the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art to meet the new executive director and to see the REMBRANDT EXHIBIT.  Sonoma now boasts a museum that has curated Goya and Rembrandt.  I feel so lucky and honored to have seen both!  Amazing… inspiring, actually.

After that I met up with Leah for lunch and then went to my Mom’s to watch the MTV Movie Awards… my favorite part was probably when Jim Carey accepted his award.  After a drawn out acceptance performance, he said something to the effect of, ‘I’m going to say what needs to be said:  We wouldn’t have swine flu if we treated the pigs better.”  The thing I disliked the most was how unbelievably rude and cavalier Kristin Stewart came across.  That girl has obviously never learned any manners.  I wanted to slap her like a bitch and call her a ho.  Oops!  I guess I forgot my manners, too.

Tonight I saw Star Trek with my dad, actually really enjoyed it.  Classic Hollywood movie formula, works every time.  My favorite part?  “May you live long and prosper.”  Why was that so funny to me?  Because before we decided to see the movie, my dad and I were laughing at the worst family picture you’ll ever see.  He has his hand on my moms shoulder with the Planet Vulcan gesture, which means, “may you live long and prosper.”  Should I post the picture?  Should I should I??? My mom will kill me, my dad my kill me too…. but I think I will.  It’s hilarious, and you can see how anxious I was as a little kid by the way I’m holding my hands:

Mom, you just have to laugh…  please, please be able to see the immense humor in this.  Don’t kill me for posting this.

I was such an intense little kid.  I just read through all my old journals last night–the ones from when I was 8 until about 15…  I was pondering the meaning of life at 8 years old, and writing about overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, inadequacy and feeling trapped… I always compared my feelings to drowning, grey skies, and I always talked about how I felt like an adult trapped in the body of a child.  That feeling was painful to me because no one took me seriously, being a child, and so all I wanted to do was grow up as fast as possible.  Ironically, I was the last girl to get a booty and some curves.  I was almost always a happy kid though, just very thoughtful.  I might add that right now, I’m the happiest and most relaxed I’ve ever been.  And the best part?  I am everything at 20 years-old that I when I was 8 I wished I’d be at 20.  When I was 8 I wrote about the girl I wanted to be and how I never thought I could become her.  But I am her, almost to a T.  How awesome is that?

Tomorrow I drive to Humboldt to visit my Grandma.  I’M SO EXCITED!!  Leaving early, should get some sleep.  Xoxoxo


One thought on “I Do The Little Erika Proud

  1. laura says:

    I do think it is funny, but some things should stay in the family! I hope it does not lose it’s effect of making me cringe and laugh at the same time. We went to Wall Mart for a free portrait and got our monies worth in laughs. My one and only Wall Mart experience was not something I want on the WWW! At least we dressed right for the part.

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