Opium Poppies and Rapunzle Reversal

The Shoemaker Brothers

The Shoemaker Brothers

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist

Sierra, the cute girl kneeling in the white, wearing a blond wig, lives around the corner from my Grandma and is a frequent visitor.  This is Sierra below pretending to be my Grandma (wearing her glasses.)  She’s really fun to hang out with, really observant and, for lack of a better term, she’s just cool.  I rarely describe anything as being “cool”.403404119_1397462166_0

Sierra’s hair color inspired the color for the print I carved.  Still a work in progress, I’ll post pictures of the finished piece.


My Grandma and I went to Farmers Market yesterday and found the biggest poppies we’ve ever seen.  Although they didn’t last but half the day, my Grandma looked adorable walking though the market with them…

403403810_1397461116_0403403907_1397461450_0403403995_1397461738_0403403701_1397460736_0The above picture is taken from, Kathrin, my Grandma’s good friend, porch.  Kathrin and her husband Mike have a beautiful home with intricate gardens and lively animals.  She introduced me to Pernod, a tasty licorice aperitif, and cooked a delicious Italian dinner. They have 2 strikingly good looking parrots that whistle and can, apparently, almost hold an intelligent conversation but they were reserved around us (sort of like how I was when I met Gandalf the Great’s nephew earlier that evening.)

Before we went to Kathrin’s, my Grandma and I made an appearance at her friends birthday party.  It was a themed birthday party complete with fruit punch, bluegrass music and, my favorite classic stud: the man with the long pony tail wearing the long, black velvet gown.  If only I’d been dressed as a whirling dervish, he might have instigated some flirtatious conversation.  We could have spoken elvish to one another.  I at least wanted him to let his hair down. Rapunzle reversed?……. oh wow that’s really disturbing, I’ve taken my joke entirely too far.  Ahh, I’m cracking up…  I think whirling dervishes can only be men, anyway.  In reality, I avoided his gaze to such an extent that I felt awkward.

Last picture is of Eva:





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