Summer is for Day Parties

407364806_1411751266_0407365201_1411752649_0407365654_1411754251_0….and also for night parties.  And swimming.   And dehydration ensues.  But really, despite my constant thirst, summer is loving me an I’m loving it.  I’m really boring right now because I’m tired and  impatient for sleep… its been a long time since I’ve written a good post.  I will try to improve on that, but I don’t write about monotony or romance anymore so material is scarce right now.  I miss lots of people right now.  Grandma, I  miss you!  Will call you soon.

Summer schools is fabulous.  Keeps me in line.

Tonight I remembered the story of when I jumped off the sea-wall into the ocean at Angel Island because my toy fell into the water.  An older man, a stranger, scooped me up out of the water somehow and sat me down on a bench.  He was furious at me for scaring him, but I didn’t see the danger in the situation I just remember being scared because he was scared/angry and I felt cold and I missed my toy.  The whole deal was so traumatic I vowed I would never go back to Angel Island.  I felt like I was 10 at the time, so I must had been like 6.  My shirt was purple and Ashley made fun of me for wearing purple that day.  The end.

Molly came to visit me this weekend, it was SOOO MUCH FUN!  We laughed and laughed, it was like old times… but new times, so better.  We’re nostalgic and modern at the same time.  I said that in a drunken “tweet” the other night and I found a lot of truth in it. Anyway, Molly is doing great.  I love her so much.  Can’t wait for her 21st=WIIILD!

So tired,  sleep, same same…. xoxo


3 thoughts on “Summer is for Day Parties

  1. Dear Erika Guess what, I think I am doing the tapes will let you know. Meanwhile I am enjoying your bon vivant lifestyle as long as you keep it together, after all this is your Grandma speaking. But I do remember my college days ah yes. Miss you muchly. Sierra got a new wig and another bribe from me of fake fingernails. Oh dear. Luvyatoots Grandma

  2. evvvvva says:

    HIIIII! i miss you so much!! and i can’t wait for molly’s 21st either!! I also think, my little love bird, that I’m going to come visit you the weekend of august 8th and tom is going to come with me and stay at “OUR” house!! I love you and can’t wait to see you!

    and i love your blog, i feel like i was at the summer party… but i wasn’t… haha

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