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Battle Studies

the title of John Mayer’s next album, takes a fresh, efficient approach to the recording process.  He’s writing, demo-ing and recording all at the same time.  Meanwhile he and his staff are turning a giant house into a giant studio:“A living, breathing, ever-evolving organic space that contains every part of the record making process.”

Realizing that it’s impossible to follow up on an album as flawless as Continuum, he’s decided to leave it be and is beginning something/creating a sound entirely new. More rock, and more of the Trio, which is really what I’m hoping for.  These are some other tidbits I’ve gathered about the album:

There may be songs called:

stiched up
half of my heart
i think she knows

…something with kanye and taylor swift.

I think it’ll be fun and lively, and complex with intricate details, not as introspective and melodic as Continuum.  I gather that because he’s a better guitarist now, he’s got more experience playing with legendary drummer Steve Jordan, is allowing his influences of BB King, Coltrane, and SRV meld together into a sound that’s uniquely his own,  and he’s been having quite a bit of fun lately with Rob Dyrdek, Steve Jordan, and others, in LA while recording.

The only thing I’m worried about is how he may be distracted by mainstream music in an effort to stay at the top of the charts. Taylor Swift?  Really?

Even so, it’s probably a bit of an understatement to say that I eagerly await this album.  Concerning the album, I promise I’ll keep myself more composed than I did concerning the John Mayer concert last summer (if you know me, you know what I’m talking about.)

The album art will be beautiful and feminine, something like what I stole from JM himself:


And while I’m doing a fanatical tribute, might I add some favorite pictures?  It’s been a while since I wrote a post on John Mayer:


And none but (unfortunately) MYSELF have forgotten how I acted at last summer’s concert:

Erika's 3-part JM concert sequence #1

Erika's 3-part JM concert sequence #1



...then he came on stage...

...then he came on stage...

...and #3 (clearly, this was my picture of the year.)

...and #3 (clearly, this was my picture of 2008)

But this one is a close second.

This one, taken earlier that day, is a close second--only because i was joking. I call it, "Finding Nemo, Finding Erika"

I hate the above picture! It appears to be a candid shot when in fact it isn’t… and I actually look like I’m enjoying myself!  Kids, this is what alcohol does to you.  You stuff clown fish in your cleavage when no one is looking.  I only put it on here for the entertainment of my readers.  The worst part is?  I kissed a carni on the cheek for that Nemo!  Hate to break it to you, carnival games are as rigged as Iranian elections.  The bigger the stuffed animal the greater the “deed”.  Presidency is the biggest ‘stuffed animal’ of them all…  You don’t get it by kissing anyone on the cheek. That’s why I know Ahmadinejad is a huge cock sucker, and you can tell him I said that.  (Sorry for the profanity Grandma.)


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