On Movement and Mecca

I don’t feel lonely, but I would really enjoy having a dog about now.  A dog, or the sound of the ocean to keep me company.  You know how having the TV on mute in a room changes the dynamic feeling of the room? it’s because it adds movement.  I want movement, whether it be waves or the breath of a dog, or my sister sleeping next to me.  Or not sleeping next to me… in which case we would be reminiscing and I wouldn’t be writing a blog post.

I just finished watching a documentary on Mecca and the haj.  It was highly interesting…  It seems to me that the pilgrimage to Mecca is a ritual that wasn’t intended for 2-3 million people to do at once.  There are a few indicators that maybe some reform is needed, no offense to Islam, but the ritual murder of  hundreds of thousands of cows and sheep, all in one room on one holy day, performed by butchers and not the pilgrims themselves, is slightly…. well, it’s a bit of an over kill is what it is. No pun intended.  Actually, it WAS intended.  It’s not an over kill… i get it: one sheep per person (7 people can go in on a cow together) to emulate Abraham’s sacrifice.  But when you have 2 million people…. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

Also, the idea of millions of men shaving their heads in one area at the same time is really disconcerting.  I’m thinking, I wonder if Hep C is transmitted during the haj?  What about dull blades and razor bumps?  Do they provide after-shave? Who sweeps all the hair and where does it go?  If someone carved “Haji” into their buzz would anyone laugh?

Lastly, they built a 3 story super pedestrian highway to accommodate all of these people as they throw stones at a giant column to condemn the devil.  If you think about it, is there a better way to fend off the natural desire to ‘sin’?… throw rocks as hard as you can at a column that represents the evils that try to prevail.  The problem is when people get trampled and die, which happens.

Other than that, a beautiful ceremony and a life-changing pilgrimage to be sure.

I went on a pilgrimage once.  Remember?  It was to the tiny town on Obama in Japan.  It was just me though.  I still think I deserve world recognition for being the first person to do that.  Who agrees?  Dad, I know you agree.  Holla atcha girl, you KNOW I was the first person to do that.  Obama never responded to my letter and gift of his/her luxury chopsticks that I brought back from Obama for he and michelle.  He’s not getting my vote in 2012, clearly.  Did I mention that Sarah Palin is a terrible person?  I don’t care if writing about her made my blog the most hated it’s ever been.  That woman is a DOG.  Apparently she likes to run, too.  I don’t mean to say that dogs like to run, and so does she, so she must be a dog (because I like to run also.)  What I mean is, I think my dad and I should go on a trip to Alaska so that I can beat her in a 10k.  Or a 5k.  She’s probably try to make a profit from the whole event by sticking Bristol behind a vendor booth to sell Maverick Lemonade, “I Beat Sarah” t-shirts and copies of her book.  Ughhh… that woman makes me work hard to keep my cool.  I want to say all of these really mean things about her, I’m fighting it so hard…. I’m retreating, I’m moving on… I’m still. moving. on… aaaaahh.  My mantra: “Hate is a strong word.”

[my phone was charged. it rang. i answered! 3 seemingly easy, but very tough obstacles.]

I’ve been surrounded by lovers and heartache for the past week or so and it’s made me realize, the best way is to keep away from heartache is to be honest with yourself.  I can’t say that I know of anyone who knows a ‘proper’ way to fall in love (although some would like to think they do), but I don’t think it involves pain.  The word that comes to mind is ‘natural’, it’s gotta be natural.  Which is why “natural woman” is such a great song.  My friends Eva and Amy fell in love with their boyfriends so naturally, I witnessed it all.  Now I look at their relationships and feel so good to be surrounded by deep, healthy, well-functioning love.

Anyway, I have that movement I was desiring, in the form of a spider on my wall, which doesn’t surprise me since this room feels so rickety it’s like I’m sleeping outdoors.  I don’t mind spiders, so long as they’re not in my bed.  It’s cobwebs I don’t like, but thats a different story for a different day.



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