Dr. Theunknown


There is an intimidating character who sometimes likes to drop in on me.  His name is Dr. TheUnknown. He’s dark, mysterious, devilishly attractive… unlike any other character I’ve met in my whole life.  Honestly.  He’s got an aura that’s both magnetic and horrifying.  Sometimes I Fear TheUnknown.

But then sometimes, I go out looking for him.  If I really want to, I can find him. It becomes more and more difficult each time.  That’s the fun part, you see…

The intimidating side of him is when he shows up randomly.  Sometimes he’s in a happy mood, like a random surprise, like a basket of strawberries on your front porch… but sometimes he’s very stern and aggressive.

I’ll go weeks, sometimes months without a thought of him until all of a sudden at a friendly mixer, I feel a grip on my shoulder.  There he’ll be, in his well-tailored coat and driving gloves, wearing darker shades of grey than anyone else in the room.  His crisp white collar tucked delicately beneath the lapel of his sport coat and a firm, friendly look in his eye, I have no choice but to smile politely and excuse myself from the conversation I was carrying.  I follow him, quietly, nervously and unflinchingly.  

I know how this might sound but make no mistake; he’s not my lover.

To be lovers with The Unknown is a risky business–most of his lovers die young.  Having a healthy relationship with Dr. TheUnknown means striking a precise chord between fear and admiration.

Today I ran into him.  I saw him from a block away, which gave me about 1 minute to decide if I was going to fear him or embrace him.  He’d seen me already, I couldn’t run.  I stood there like a statue on the street corner as he approached, swift and morbid. At the last moment I animated my unease with warmth and greeted him as an old, dear friend with little to say.  Quietly, he pressed his cold cheek to mine and placed his hand on the back of my neck in a way that can best be described as… affectionate.  

The more I meet the unknown, the less I fear.


One thought on “Dr. Theunknown

  1. Dear Erika Thats powerful writing sweetpea. Wow Sounds like Saturn to me but no matter as long as you stand up to him and don’t let him scare you away. Maybe he has some wise advice. And as always you knock my socks off. Love Grandma

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