I can’t just sit tight for any highly anticipated surprised.  I DIG for them and I usually find them out.  It’s my greatest downfall, you might say. Anyway, here are my new discoveries concerning John Mayer and his new Battle Studies Album:

the set list from his secret show on Sunday at the Troubadour:

Vultures (Continuum)
Wait ‘Til Tomorrow (Hendrix Cover)
Come When I Call (Trio)
Crossroads (Clapton Cover)
Never Say Never (Fray cover, i’m assuming)
Aint No Sunshine (Bill Withers Cover)
Turn The Lights Down Low (Bob Marley Cover)
Perfectly Lonely (Lyrics finished in the greenroom/bathroom prior to the set) Battle Studies!!
Gravity (Continuum)
What You Gonna Do About It
Who Says
California Dreamin’ (Mamas and Papas Cover)
Who Did You Think I Was (Trio song)

Some Battle Studies Songs:

Perfectly Lonely (mentioned above!)

War of My Life

Half of My Heart

Heartbreak Warfare:



And lastly, a treat: John Mayer goes naked, and works on minimizing his notorious facial expressions:


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