You and Me

6535_138606750349_502000349_3701080_148378_n6535_138606790349_502000349_3701083_7757841_n6535_138606605349_502000349_3701072_1239529_n6535_138607110349_502000349_3701097_1607920_n6535_138607485349_502000349_3701102_3000171_nAbove pictures are from Humboldt County and cross-country camp…  the scenic pictures are from when I visited my Grandma at the beginning of the summer and the bottom two are from camp 2 weeks ago, where I was a counselor.  It was Santa Rosa High School’s 17th annual camp, I had a blast with those girls.  They reminded me of my little sister, only nicer.  Yeah, I said it.

5531_560787969324_7307659_33673946_3712022_n5531_560788163934_7307659_33673972_493206_n-15531_560788064134_7307659_33673959_7846447_nAnd the above pictures are from wine tasting for one of my closest friend Molly’s birthday.  it was SO MUCH FUN!!!

and i made the above video using footage and pictures from my trip back east which was so amazingly perfect and fun that I would venture to say it changed the course of my life.  It was such a great trip that my better half had to drag my inner child kicking and screaming onto the airplane, and then weeping and sobbing all the way back to san luis obispo.  I would blame the tears on all the books I’m reading on Iran right now, but I’d be lying.  I’m tired from a long day, jet lag, and editing that video.  I’ll articulate my trip later, and post some more pictures because I know my Grandma would want to see some of them, and she has yet to get a facebook (thank god)

I’m going to bed. Xoxoxo


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