What would you like me to write about?
-Gender terminology in the House of Reps
-Different runner-types
-How I’ve recently accepted “GOD”


5 thoughts on “QuickPress

  1. Dear Erika I was not bored by your Forrest Gump and impressed with your structure and argument, you sounded rather lawyerly actually. Now I know you can write coherent papers. aThe first bottled pop was ginger beer around 1900 and it was in ceramic bottles. They made them with a marble in the inside of the neck of the bottle, when you put in the fizzy stuff it jammed the marble against the neck sealing it. However you nearly had to break a thumb pushing it down back into the bottle. My step father actually dealt with them and I think I remember seeing them. anyway I am after all 135 years old the oldest woman on earth. And remember it all. Just kidding. Did you get your care package yet. Luvya Grandma

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