Apples and Apples

Eva drew an apple...

Eva drew an apple...

...& apples appeared. she's magical.

...& apples appeared. she's magical.

On Sunday Serena, Eva and I went to Avila Valley Barn and the produce was so beautiful I had to share it:

437453713_1521171334_0437453447_1521170365_0437453176_1521169342_0437452940_1521168469_0437452682_1521167509_0437452426_1521166515_0437452049_1521165125_0At Ross: A blatant and insulting lie ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
437451749_1521164047_414056952_1253588224733I got a halo^
& Eva got a parrot

437451216_1521162090_0437450995_1521161301_0 The above sandwich was a new thing for me and it turned out AMAZING.  I grilled a salmon pattie and then put it between 2 pieces of wheat bread with Larrupin sauce and wasabi mayonaise, tomato, lettuce and a little bit of pepper.  I dipped the outside of the sandwich bread in egg whites and grilled it to perfection. YUM… minus the mayo it was a delicious and low-fat dinner with lots of dietary fiber and protein.  But the wasabi mayo makes the salmon pattie, and I don’t even eat mayo usually, so I speakeh de truuf.

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall… I’m not pulling out my scarves for a while though.  Lastly, I’m the only one who got an “A” on my Forrest Gump paper and I got a 94% on my speech test. Still room for improvement but I’m pleased.

gotta run xoxo


One thought on “Apples and Apples

  1. Dear Erika I knew it was a masterpiece, Forest that is. Even more five star than the sandwich. Bravo. I am a no good Grandma in not calling you back. As I write I smell the zucchini I forgot I was steaming and I am supposed to remember my schnocknoggles. Oh dear Love Grandma

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