Port Flight and Best Friends

I drove to Sonoma on Thursday after school, arrived in time for dinner with the Baldry family and crashed in my bed at my dad’s house after a late shower.  I had a hair appointment early the next morning, and a small brick of time to eat my favorite tacos at Juanita Juanita’s before my dentist appointment.  I hadn’t been to Juanita Juanita’s since I was about 13 years old, but they remembered me as soon as I walked in and they even remembered my ‘usual’, which made me feel very happy on the inside. 2 beef tacos and an orange Jarrtios, it was delish.

Then I went to my marathon of-a-dentist-appointment (not before brushing my teeth).  I had what I thought was my first but what was actually my 2nd cavity of all time.  It was horrible… holding my jaw open for that long is something I never want to do again.  At one point I had an overwhelming urge to chomp down on her hand and run out the place.  Needless to say, I restrained myself.  Directly after the dentist I had a thai dinner at Sonoma’s Thai 599 Cafe with one of my best friends, Rashell, my Mom and my little sis.

The following morning I got up early to drive to San Francisco with my dad to tour USF.  It was a stunning day in the city, about 85 degrees.  I loved the campus and I’m confident that I made a really good impression.  One of my other best friends, Molly, showed us around the campus a little bit and then had the inspired idea of getting Hawaiian pizza for lunch.  That’s why I love her so much.  That night my mom cooked dinner for my dad, one of my other best friends, Leah, and myself.  I always love when I can spend time with my mom and my dad at the same time.

The next morning I went on a jog with my mom for the first time EVER.  Then I spent the morning with another best friend, Lauren.  We watched the Vintage Festival Parade and then I drove back to SLO after being accosted by a scary man wearing contact lenses on stilts.  As soon as I got back to SLO, my best friend Eva and I went to see a show at the CP Performing Arts Center called Belly Dance Superstars.  IT WAS AMAZING!  Our friend Nathalie was one of the performers so we got free tickets.  I recommend it to anyone who appreciates beautiful women and/or sparkles and bare midriffs.

I know it sounds like I have a lot of best friends, and some people have something against having that many best friends.  I use the word ‘best’ as an adjective, not a superlative.  I have a lot of very close, long-time, amazing friends and I think they are the best.  So I call them that.  If you think that’s wrong then I know you would change your mind if you had the kind of friends that I have.

I have pictures of the weekend below.  And that concludes another narcissistic blog post, I’m getting so tired of this thing.  I miss old fashioned communication.  I bought a bunch of stamps to send more letters.  We’re all disconnected for being so connected.  It feels unnatural, sometimes I want out. Forgive me.

And pray that I get into USF.  I’m not religious but I know the power of prayer.  Xoxo





The above photos are from Friday night.  I got home late and suggested to my dad that we go downtown for dessert, to spend some quality time.  So we dressed up and went to The Girl and the Fig for chocolate creme brulee and a Port flight.  My dad, apparently, loves Port.  He likes the nutty, sweet port and I like a more fruity/chocolaty dry port.  We had a great time.  That’s my favorite kind of thing to do with my dad.  (Thanks dad:) )




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