Warm A Cold Shoulder

I’m going to be straight forward with you, this isn’t the only blog that’s receiving my attention any more.  Eva and I have begin planning a winter clothing drive in San Luis Obispo that we’re calling Warm A Cold Shoulder (“don’t turn a cold shoulder to homelessness this winter.”)

Check out my ‘other’ blog that might be getting more attention than this one for a while, as I’m trying to lift this event off the ground:

Warm A Cold Shoulder

I’ll be stretched pretty thin for the next few weeks.  If anyone wants to help me make this a success, please let me know.  I guess I’ve finally begun to learn that I can’t try to save the world by myself.  I’m not going to ‘ask’ for help yet though…  I’m not TOTALLY entirely convinced of the power of asking for help, despite all of my mothers efforts.  I don’t, however, object to requesting good company 🙂  This trait of mine also means I’m taken much more seriously when I say, “I need help.”  I think I can count the times I’ve said that on one hand…. ouch that’s not good.

I had the idea for this winter clothing drive about a month and a half ago, we began planning yesterday, and I already have a phone interview with the SLO Tribune on Friday.  WEE!  Eva’s got the PR and the graphic design, and I’ve got the donation collecting and coordinating.  We’re feeling very inspired.  It’s exciting!

Gotta go to bed. Love,



Battle Studies, LONG AWAITED


These are the songs I thought were going to be on the album:
heartbreak warefare
perfectly lonely
half of my heart
war of my life
heartbreak warfare
stitched up
I think she knows

And this is the actual track list:

Heartbreak Warfare
All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye
Half of My Heart
Who Says
Perfectly Lonely
War of My Life
Edge of Desire
Do You Know Me
Friends, Lovers or Nothing

(I did pretty good huh)

36523460omg. omg. omg.


Accept Mystery


“A poem needs understanding through the senses. The point of diving in a lake is not immediately to swim to the shore; it’s to be in the lake, to luxuriate in the sensation of water. You do not work the lake out. It is an experience beyond thought. Poetry soothes and emboldens the soul to accept mystery.”




In the past week, without realizing it, I bought 5 peppermint items:

Peppermint body wash, a 3 pack of peppermint Trident, peppermint Crest toothpaste, peppermint herbal tea, and peppermint lip gloss.  So I decided to look in to the qualities of peppermint.

  • Menthol is antibacterial and even anti-parasitic.
  • It soothes muscles and the digestive system.
  • It can improve concentration.
  • It’s a stimulant and quickens functional activity of the tissues and cells giving them more energy.
  • It helps fight stress and…
  • Here’s the kicker: It is an aphrodisiac in large doses for both men and women.

WOO!  I’ll cheers to that.



Who Says

At first listen, John Mayer’s new single is calming.  At second listen I found it humorous, and the third time I heard it I thought it subversive.  The minimalism he uses is somewhat confusing;  since we already know his tremendous talent, the soft strumming and simple lyrics must aim to send some kind of message.  But what?  Is he arrogantly justifying his rock and roll life style?  Is he making a statement by using his usually romantic coos and guitar strums to sing about getting stoned?  Probably all of the above, but he’s also been quoted as explaining that the song is about taking pleasure in taking pleasure.  I’m feelin’ that, but I can’t say that I love the song… something is holding me back from saying that I love it.  I’ll be honest, it’s catchy. & I would definitely enjoy playing it if I were, say, bored on a stormy Monday night and smoked a joint by myself… but it seems like it’d be number 7 on the track list (in other words, not an appropriate 1st single).  I find it anticlimactic, and I’m disappointed that it lacks bass and a strong guitar–not quite what I expected about this album but since it remains yet to be released I still have hope.


I Would Just Like To Thank My Grandma

…for showing me the love (on my blog and in life.)  She’s my most active&avid reader.  If it weren’t for her I probably wouldn’t write in this thing anymore since comments would be so few and far between.  There’s a lot to be said for feeling supported. It goes:


My Grandma is the most amazing person I’ll ever have the privilege of knowing.  Have you ever felt lucky to have simply been born into the company of greatness?  That’s how I feel.  Thanks for being my biggest fan Grandma!  I should just write my blog to you… BLOG POST: “Dear Grandma, did you get my letter in the mail yet?  I sent it yesterday… thanks for the mixed nuts….”

My Grandma sent me the coolest pictures from China.  There is no photo manipulation done, this man just paints his body.  Check it out: