Brave New World

I bought an audio book to help me finish Brave New World quickly and efficiently… how wrong I was.

I cannot ‘do’ audio books.  I need the words, the paragraph breaks, the indentation, the print right there in front of my face.  For me, simply hearing the words DOES NOT convey the story.  The narrator takes the story and crumples it up into a tight ball of pauses and character names and attempts to impart the feeling of the words on the page, and with a strong arm he throws it as hard as possible directly at my face.  It hits me so hard that I gasp for air and realize that I have heard exactly nothing for the past 5 minutes… that instead of listening I’ve been thinking about the coast of North Carolina and the case that the Supreme Court is working on right now, and the possibility of driving to L.A. for the 2 days I have off this week.  Meanwhile, the story went on without me.  It left me in the dust, and what’s worse: it didn’t even care.  Had I not snapped out of my thoughtful trance it would have continued on until the end of the book.  How very unnaturally inconsiderate.  Unnatural because, call me old fashioned, but a book should stop reading when you decide that it should stop telling it’s story.  This, however, cannot be avoided when it comes to audio books.  Silly that I say I might be ‘old fashioned ‘ while it’s most likely due to the fact that I am a very modern person that I can’t focus on a verbal story.  We are of the written word now… the era of the spoken word has long been over and our brains have lost functions of memorization and imagination and focus when listening to a story.

At least mine has.

Still recovering from the weekend and going to bed extra early tonight,



One thought on “Brave New World

  1. Dear Erika I could not agree more, give me a book anytime… maybe audios driving but I think I much prefer music. Some poets reciting their verse is good.
    I took a bookbinding class and have a Morrocan bound volume to prove it. That was an insight into the fine craft of the waning art of fine binding. I wonder how many are left, making a living at that.
    So my dear don’t give up your blog, I hang on every word of the brave new world of photos and your fine writing. One of the primary reasons I have a computer. I am off to that retreat until Monday. We did not get to talk but danced in spirit as always Love Grandma

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