I Would Just Like To Thank My Grandma

…for showing me the love (on my blog and in life.)  She’s my most active&avid reader.  If it weren’t for her I probably wouldn’t write in this thing anymore since comments would be so few and far between.  There’s a lot to be said for feeling supported. It goes:


My Grandma is the most amazing person I’ll ever have the privilege of knowing.  Have you ever felt lucky to have simply been born into the company of greatness?  That’s how I feel.  Thanks for being my biggest fan Grandma!  I should just write my blog to you… BLOG POST: “Dear Grandma, did you get my letter in the mail yet?  I sent it yesterday… thanks for the mixed nuts….”

My Grandma sent me the coolest pictures from China.  There is no photo manipulation done, this man just paints his body.  Check it out:



3 thoughts on “I Would Just Like To Thank My Grandma

  1. Dear spunky dinkledorff It is wonderful to be so admired by one’s granddaughters but you dears are making me nervous…. I do not want to wind up like the wizard of Oz. Well I will have to work on being so admired.. I will try to rise to the occasion gracefully without feeling a bit like a fake. My new challenge and there are worse ones indeed. Yes my sweet I got your lovely letter and am in the process of replying. Oh dear with these adoring Grans I guess I will have to behave myself. What a trial Love Grand oh so grand mama

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