Warm A Cold Shoulder

I’m going to be straight forward with you, this isn’t the only blog that’s receiving my attention any more.  Eva and I have begin planning a winter clothing drive in San Luis Obispo that we’re calling Warm A Cold Shoulder (“don’t turn a cold shoulder to homelessness this winter.”)

Check out my ‘other’ blog that might be getting more attention than this one for a while, as I’m trying to lift this event off the ground:

Warm A Cold Shoulder

I’ll be stretched pretty thin for the next few weeks.  If anyone wants to help me make this a success, please let me know.  I guess I’ve finally begun to learn that I can’t try to save the world by myself.  I’m not going to ‘ask’ for help yet though…  I’m not TOTALLY entirely convinced of the power of asking for help, despite all of my mothers efforts.  I don’t, however, object to requesting good company 🙂  This trait of mine also means I’m taken much more seriously when I say, “I need help.”  I think I can count the times I’ve said that on one hand…. ouch that’s not good.

I had the idea for this winter clothing drive about a month and a half ago, we began planning yesterday, and I already have a phone interview with the SLO Tribune on Friday.  WEE!  Eva’s got the PR and the graphic design, and I’ve got the donation collecting and coordinating.  We’re feeling very inspired.  It’s exciting!

Gotta go to bed. Love,



3 thoughts on “Warm A Cold Shoulder

  1. Ashley says:

    What amazing young women you both are. I’m so proud of you for pursuing such an incredible thing. You have such a wonderful heart! xoxo

  2. Dear Erika Good for you. It is the sense of each positive effort multiplied by thousands, millions of humans that keeps our hope for the future alive. Also those little drops tip the scales for major changes. I got a call from Donna this morning, she passed her test to work in a nursing home and is going to go from there to nursing school. Such a triumph coming from ground zero poverty. Sheer determination and grit. Do you remember her, Sarah’s sister. I am so proud of her and there is more to the story of course. See the latest Frontline for a chilling recount of what led to our financial demise. And take it easy my love there are angels in the woodwork assisting you. You are not alone. Love Grandma

  3. Dear Erika I am going to go through my clothes and may have some winter stuff I could bring down to Sonoma when I come. Would that help, around the end of Nov? It is always good to have square ladies sizes, traditionally built like Precious Ramatze? Anyway I am still amazed when I ask for help how forthcoming it is. A brave new world to venture into. And it is so easy because you and I are not wimps leaning on people all the time.
    Tomorrow I get my new hat from the milliner, dark orange, I will send a photo, whooeee… Love Grand oh so Grandmama

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