I Have 2 Legs

I began this post in a bad mood with a sore attitude, and then I stopped because I remembered a quote I heard a few weeks ago that I’ll remember forever.  It was about someone who lost their leg…they said, “It’s such a lovely world because, you see, I have this other leg!”

Earlier I twittered, “Talk is cheap and people drive like idiots but such things are inevitable. Its important to do the good in spite of the bad.”  In the mean time, I basically want to cry I’m so exhausted.  I’m not ending this with a deus ex machina.



One thought on “I Have 2 Legs

  1. Dear Erika, You take great care of yourself my love. Get some sleep, the earth will continue to turn on its axis. Meanwhile I finally got the blessed little thumb drives in the mail today of your sweet little voices with chocolate, love letters and account of whats on them. What a labor of love and without a brilliant high schooler at computers it would never have happened. Whew! Hope you are nearly through finals. Love Grandma

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